Pre-Register for Chimeraland’s Closed Beta

Pre-Register for Chimeraland's Closed Beta

Are you physically, mentally, emotionally prepared.. for one of the most.. bizarre MMO experiences of your life?
Because that’s about what I’d expect going into this. Chimeraland is a completely seamless, open-world action MMO that takes inspiration from a variety of games.. and then proceeded to condense them all into what can only be described as an absolute, chaotic mess.
And admittedly, that isn’t a negative. Have you ever watched something – like 90 Day Fiance on TLC or The Kissing Booth on Netflix, where it’s just so horrendously bad.. that it’s actually kinda good? It’s entertaining purely due to aspects that you’d typically avoid?
Yeah, that was essentially Chimeraland when I played it. And while it definitely upset some people.. and boy did I upset some people by not singing its praises, it’s the hard truth that on PC, the game was so bad that I couldn’t not laugh at every single thing that happened.

When I played Chimeraland earlier this year, I had access to the South East Asian Beta. The Beta was very limited – textures didn’t load. Monsters were bugged. We saw the strange indigenous people running around shooting randomly into the sky. At one point, my face met the force of the sun and I immediately imploded.

Yeah, good times. Legit, actually good times. I’m not being facetious at all. As of a couple days ago, though, it was revealed that the MMO is getting a North American release – with a special Closed Beta being opened specifically for Canadian players.
The Canadian Closed Beta test is going to take place from May 12th through May 17th, and Beta sign-ups end on the 10th. Meaning you really don’t have much time to pre-register if you’re interested in playing.

It’s unconfirmed at present how rich in features this Beta test will be. If it’ll have everything the South East Asian version has currently, or, rather, the barebones version game that I played riddled with every type of bug you could imagine.
Either way, Level Infinite, the game’s publisher, confirmed that every player located within North America will gain full access to the game in 2022. And by “full access,” I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume they don’t mean via a Beta test.
Which means they expect to release the game fully this year. I would, therefore, speculate that a North American Beta test is coming up shortly after the Canadian Beta test concludes, likely some time in the 3rd Quarter.

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