Phoenix Dynasty 2: The Worst MMORPG on Steam in 2021?

Phoenix Dynasty 2: The Worst MMORPG on Steam in 2021?

“If you care about content more than graphics, PDO2 is your thing! This fantastic Old-School MMORPG is awaiting you with its legendary city and village wars, breathtaking dungeons, caravan missions, and a non-pay-to-win game system.”

This is what Phoenix Dynasty 2’s official Steam description claims. Yet what I had experienced within the game over my time playing through it was quite the opposite.

There are 5 classes to choose from when beginning the game.

The Guardian, Sky Mage, Healer (yes, you did in fact read that correctly, the healer does not have its own class name, rather, it is referred to as its role,) Crimson Mage and Fighter.

After creating your character (without any customization options,) you’re thrown right into the game. Upon first entering, it’s evident this is a very low-quality title. Not only are the graphics incredibly dated at this point, but the controls, the abilities, the quests.. everything is slow, unintuitive, repetitious and redundant. Those 4 descriptive terms essentially sum up my entire experience within the game.

After teleporting from NPC to NPC and fighting the odd group of 3 monsters, I found myself struggling to stay awake. I made it to level 13 by the time I gave up trying to push through any further than I already had, and, evidently, by the grand total of 0 players playing the game for the last several months, my sentiments were mirrored.

This game was so empty. So void of life, personality. I honestly could not find a single redeeming thing about the game.

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