Perfect New World (Mobile) is a Brand New Upcoming Global MMORPG

Perfect New World (Mobile) is a Brand New Upcoming Global MMORPG

We just finished covering Perfect World Games’ brand new upcoming “Perfect New World” MMORPG for release on PC and consoles (currently undisclosed specifically which consoles the MMO is going to release on,) but with that announcement came another: Perfect New World is getting a standalone mobile MMO version as well, completely disconnected from the PC/console incarnations of the game.

Despite having an identical name (it honestly doesn’t even have the “mobile” prefix,) Perfect New World is being built as its own game. Yes, the MMO is being built on Unreal Engine 4 – looking at the game is evidence of that. It’s a beautiful looking title from the (single) trailer we’ve seen for it.

Much like the vast majority of new mobile MMO reveals, Perfect World Games have confirmed that this game is going to have a large focus on not only co-operative play, but also on large-scale battles featuring a plethora of different players occupying the same world-space at once.

Additionally, and I’m not sure why this is necessarily a feature they feel the need to mention, but NPCs are going to have their own individual appearance and routing patterns. Every NPC? I highly doubt it, but I’m assuming important ones. If they plan on animating every single NPC separately, I foresee this game taking a couple decades to finish.

Perfect New World (Mobile) Global Release?

Perfect New World is confirmed to be in development for a global audience. Perfect New World mobile, though? While nothing concrete has been confirmed, I wouldn’t believe why New Jade Dynasty World and Perfect New World would both receive global released, and not have the mobile version of Perfect New World receive the same treatment.

I’m curious to see where Perfect New World’s mobile game ends up going, as we already have a Perfect World Mobile MMO – but this looks contrastingly different to both the PC version and mobile versions of the game.

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