Palworld is an Ambitions New Open-World Anime RPG!

Palworld is an Ambitions New Open-World Anime RPG!

Palworld is a brand new Anime-inspired survival RPG with an emphasis on monster collecting. Developed by Pocketpair, the very same team behind the incredibly popular Craftopia game, Palworld aims to not only replicate the success of its predecessor, but also take what other games, such as ARK: Survival Evolved have done, and take them a step further.

Yes this is a survival game. The world is full of dangers. Pal, poachers, food shortages, harsh environments. You’re given the ability to freely explore a large, open world. Either via land, air or by sea. Yup, there are mounts that allow for all 3 types of transportation.
You can build your very own home, your very own town. You can build your own factories, and put your Pal to work, as labor laws don’t apply to Pal. You can use Pal for more than that though, as they can light fires, generate power, and mine minerals.
They’re capable of producing items you need as well, either via harvesting or murdering. They’re also useful for other activities like watering your plants or ploughing fields.
As you’re capable of using your Pal in battle, they continue to take damage. But unlike in Pokemon games, in Palworld you can use your Pal as cover while engaging enemies. But be warned: This comes at a cost.
You can breed your Pal together, making for even more powerful monsters.
And most importantly…. this is a fully functional multiplayer game, just like Craftopia was. Meaning you can do all of this and more with a group of friends!

This is an incredibly unique take on a genre that has definitely grown stale as of late, and I cannot wait to see this continue to grow into something incredible.
Palworld will be launching in 2022, so I urge you to keep an eye on the game!

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