Palia is a Stunning New Upcoming “AAA Fantasy MMORPG!”

Palia is a Stunning New Upcoming "AAA MMORPG!"

In an announcement that came more or less out of nowhere, Palia, an upcoming fantasy MMO from the developers of World of Warcraft and League of Legends was just revealed to us.

Palia is a brand new project, although it’s been in development long enough that they’re in the process of entering pre-Alpha. If you’re interested in pre-registering for the Alpha test phase, I urge you to click the button below which will forward you directly to it. Do note: You possess the option of using your email by itself, or filling out the questionnaire which will provide you an increased chance of being selected, so I do urge you to go all the way through with it.

While little is known about the upcoming MMO, an announcement trailer was revealed alongside the announcement, with the game claiming it’s a “world full of mystery.” You’re given the option – rather, the freedom, to play the game how you want. You’re capable of gardening, fishing, cooking. You have a large selection of lifeskills to learn and level, and a variety of different tools with which to use to compliment those abilities. There is going to be a narrative present within the MMO, as they claim this is going to be a story that lasts for “years to come.” You’ll be able to move along with the story, learn more about the characters, and even romance them. And as this is an MMO, you can bet a lot of the game will benefit from social interaction. But if none of that interests you, you’re capable of leaving the confines – the safety of your town and venture out into the wilderness. There you’ll encounter enemies that you can do battle with, leveling up and…. well they honestly didn’t confirm if there’ll be a gearing system present, but we can only hope as that’s a core part of the RPG mechanic.

Palia Release Date?

There is no confirmed release date for Palia right now, but the Pre-Alpha registration is open, meaning they’re launching into Alpha testing in the very near future. Additionally, Palia will be launching onto PC only. No console, mobile.

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    ArcolisArchy Reply
    Jun 4, 2021 @ 15:46 pm

    OH my gawd this games looks amazing!!!!! I want it!! can’t wait for it to come out!!!!!!! *fan girls screams* Hopefully it comes out soooooooon going to die from the anticipation.

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