ODIN: Valhalla Rising Previews Brand New In-Game Trailer

ODIN: Valhalla Rising Previews Brand New In-Game Trailer

I often find myself getting excited when sitting through trailers. Not necessarily cinematic trailers – we’re all well aware how deceiving those can be, but rather the in-game trailers, as they provide us a glimpse into what type of game we’re going to receive. So when we got another brand new trailer for ODIN: Valhalla Rising this week, specifically concerning 4 of the regions I was very excited.

We got to see a player-character (it is currently unknown whether or not there will be character customization in the final product of the game, and to what extent the customization options will end up being – such as gender-locked classes,) one of the base regions, Yggdrasil, the great tree, Jotunheim, Alfheim, and finally Nidavellir. Each region looks to have their very own unique aesthetic look and feel, with monsters and NPCs that suit the geographical location the game is set in.

Interestingly enough, the more I see of ODIN, the more it resembles Black Desert Online. The graphical style, the setting, the character models (although admittedly the characters more closely resemble the characters you’d find in ArcheAge.)

ODIN: Valhalla Rising is going to be released completely cross-platform on PC and Mobile devices. It is unconfirmed exactly when the upcoming MMO will be releasing, but many players are expecting towards the end of 2021. The game looks to be coming along quite quickly! So it’s unlikely we’ll have too long to wait. Although since this is a South Korean MMO, it’s also unlikely we’ll get a simultaneous global release. Being Western players, a release over in North America and Europe is likely to take place months later.

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