Noah’s Heart Release Date? Brand New Upcoming MMORPG!

Noah's Heart is a Brand New Upcoming MMORPG!

So it was just brought to my attention yesterday that Archosaur Games, the developers behind Dragon Raja are actually in the process of developing another MMORPG: Noah’s Heart.

What is Noah's Heart?

As you can see from the trailer, the game is set in a “post-civilization era,” with a unique blend of scifi, steampunk and fantasy. Interestingly enough, the game world while it looks large and open, is said to be procedurally generated.
This is an interesting route to take for an open-world MMORPG, honestly.
I can understand how this kind of random generation can function well inside instanced dungeons, but how will this work when you’re out in the field?
Is the world procedurally generated for each individual person, or is the world re-generated on a regular basis to provide a sense of relevance in terms of how new the world feels and how much of a purpose exploration serves?

There will be multiple methods of transportation for players, including but not being limited to travelling on foot and by airship, which happens seamlessly.
Yes, this is a direct confirmation that there will be no loading screens out within the world, meaning it will not feature instanced areas or even segregated zones.
Like Black Desert and Lost Ark, players are actually capable of forming relationships with various NPCs scattered around the game world, resulting in new and exciting events appearing.
Much like Dragon Raja, during the course of the game’s story you’re going to be required to make decisions that will effect not only the outcome of the scenario you’re in, but also the overall game itself.
So no, letting every character die is probably not the right choice to make.

Noah's Heart Release Date?

Currently, Noah’s Heart is scheduled to release on Mobile devices in 2021, however, there is no confirmed set date for a global release. Not currently, anyway.

Noah’s Heart truly looks like a beautiful Mobile MMORPG. And if Dragon Raja is anything to go off of, this will probably end up being even better than what we have now.

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