Night Walker: Nexon’s Newest Anime MORPG

Night Walker: Nexon's Newest Anime MORPG

There I was, browsing upcoming games, when I happened upon something that caught my interest: Night Walker, a brand new Korean online action RPG.. that is not mobile compatible. Not at all. Instead, it’s completely PC-exclusive, and is very similar to games like Dungeon Fighter, SoulWorker and Vindictus.
Here’s what the official website has to say.

“In a world on the verge of an apocalypse, talented people chosen by fate, ‘Walker’ gather at the Historic Service to save the world following the voice of a girl trapped in a nightmare. Powerful people who walk in darkness with their personal circumstances such as poverty and pain, loss and betrayal, death and loneliness in their arms. Now, the story of ‘Night Walker’ begins as they venture into the worlds created by the girl’s dreams.”

Little is known about the game currently, but they are holding some type of test phase registration running through ’til the end of this month, and have released several gameplay trailers over on their official Youtube channel. Which you can take a look at via the video above.

Night Walker is a brand new action MORPG. It features hundreds of instanced dungeons and can be played cooperatively with a group of other players, much like you’d see in hub-MMOs like SoulWorker, PSO2 or Dungeon Fighter Online.
Will it be of the same scale or see the same success? Who knows. Regardless, it’s a gorgeous looking game with some very fun looking action combat.
There is no release date scheduled – yet. Nor any word on whether Nexon plan on releasing the game simultaneously around the world. Given it’s not a mobile game, there’s definitely a large possibility that’ll be the case, but only time will tell.

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