Night Crows is a Brand New MMORPG Launching in April, 2023

Night Crows is a Brand New MMORPG Launching in April, 2023

Korean MMOs might have their flaws, but there’s one thing we can always count on them for: they’re going to feature a ton of super hot, scantily clad Waifu’s with exceptional, fluid combat that really emphasises our characters’ movements.
That’s how they get their return on investment, after all.
Which brings us to Night Crows – I’ve been DM’d repeatedly asking me to cover the game since its reveal at G-Star 2022, which saw Korean developer MADNGINE announce their MMO to the world, an action MMO built on Unreal Engine 5.
MADNGINE are known for their work on previous MMOs V4, HIT and OVERHIT. All of which have been relatively successful within Korea, but failed to garner any real following outside of its country of origin.

Night Crows is set in the 13th century, Europe, and follows a guild called the Night Crows. That’s our guild. And interestingly enough, consists of royalty, the pope himself, knights, and other religious figures as we gather to fight against impending threats.
The world is on the brink of war, with monsters freely roaming the land, and it is up to us – you and me, to save it. A fairly generic setting, with an even more generic plot but this is a Korean MMO, they’re not known for their narrative depth.

Graphically, Night Crows looks pretty good. Nothing incredible – nothing groundbreaking or innovative. A lot of the trailer was purely cinematic, with pre-rendered footage captured and presented as in-game footage.
We never saw clearly defined combat. Just glimpses of abilities. The world – at least pertaining to the setting looked great.
MADNGINE claim that the game is going to feature large-scale PvP battles consisting of up to 1,000 players in real-time, with over 16 unique classes at launch.
Honestly, crafting 16 entire classes and having each and everyone feel unique is going to be quite the grandiose feat to achieve.
Night Crows will also have full flight mechanics, allowing you to soar through the skies, traverse the world on land-mounts if they’re more your style, and various other forms of fast-travel that they haven’t elaborated on yet.

MADNGINE have yet to confirm which platforms the game will release on at present. Given this is a Korean MMO, and Korean MMO devs have an unhealthy addiction with cross-platform, it’s worth noting that this carries a large potential to be cross-platform compatible between both PC, Android and iOS devices.
This is just speculation, however, as nothing has been confirmed. As a small aside, MADNGINE are working with Wemade, who have released several Blockchain MMOs in the past. This doesn’t mean Night Crows will be a Blockchain MMO, but I just want to make sure we have all potential monetization models addressed.

Night Crows has a confirmed release date of April, 2023. MADINGINE have not confirmed if or when they will be holding Beta tests leading up to its release, or if there will be any type of reward present for pre-registering. Or, if there will be any pre-registration even available.

Admittedly, I’m on the fence about the game. It’s a Korean MMO, and they’re so rarely good games long-term. But they haven’t confirmed a number of things integral to my judgement of their game, given it’s launching in 4 months.
Is it free to play? Will it launch on to Steam? Will consoles be an included platform? Is it a full, simultaneous Global launch in April? Will it feature Blockchain? And if so, are they covering it up until the game launches?
There are a surplus of questions left unanswered. Including why so much of the trailer was pre-rendered when it’s so close to release – and the game should be in a complete form.
I’d say proceed with caution. It has the potential to be a fun new MMO, but just as much potential – if not more, to be a stark contrast to that.

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    Kishan singha Reply
    Mar 24, 2023 @ 10:25 am

    I like this game

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