Night Agent: I’m the Savior – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Night Agent: I'm the Savior - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

So this is a bit of a newer title, releasing at the beginning of last year. I saw it in an ad and figured it was worth checking as… well it showed some cute character models. And if anything is going to grab my attention in a mobile game, it’s cute waifu’s.
Now Night Agent starts you off with an interesting comic-book style introduction. It explains how the world of Humans and Demons occupied night and day, until recently where Humans began creeping out into the night, and Demons began to come out during the daylight.
Then we’re thrown into a few different tutorials – honestly there weren’t many. A couple stages detailing how the game functions, but otherwise the tutorials were kept to the main menu screen – where you form your party, upgrade your character, you know.

Night Agent is a Gacha RPG. You have a large selection of different Agents you can unlock and a variety of different Guardians you can unlock and equip onto your character as well.
Where most Gacha games allow for the unlocking of different characters, different heroes at a price, Night Agent goes above and beyond. See, the Guardians actually provide beneficial stats to your Agents.
This means that while higher ranked Agents are unlocked via Gacha mechanics, higher stat Guardians are also unlocked the same way, meaning you need to spend even more if you intend on min-maxing.
Although some of the characters can also be unlocked via normal means, through the completion of the story.

Speaking of, the game utilizes a Chapter-based progression. There are 6-7 missions per Chapter, with each mission being followed by story both before and after completion.
Seriously, there’s a lot of text to get through in this game.
The missions themselves all take the form of an instanced battle. You enter, you fight a wave of enemies, or several waves of enemies and then you do battle with a slightly buffed more elite version of the monsters you’ve been fighting.
All in all I didn’t really experience much if any difficulty, being pretty much full HP at all times.

Combat however allowed full control of your character. You could freely move horizontally, vertically, and aim each and every attack.
Yup, combat was complete action. Rarely do I see RPGs that employ action combat, with the vast majority of what I’ve covered over the last year being turn-based or auto-attack.
So this was a nice change, something I definitely didn’t expect but ultimately ended up appreciating.

Overall, Night Agent isn’t a bad game. It’s not a great game by any means – it looks pretty damn good graphically, it has some good combat, has a lot of story. Which is essentially all of the makings of a great game.
But to me it just feels a little.. shallow I guess. I dunno.

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