NieR Re[in]carnation is Looking Better Than Ever in Brand New Trailer Footage!

NieR Re[in]carnation is Looking Better Than Ever!

I’m a huge NieR fan – so when NieR Re[in]carnation was announced earlier this year I was ecstatic, especially considering the game looked as good as it did in its teaser.
However they’ve taken the time to follow-up and release several additional trailers for the game and I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far.
And the most important part of all of this? Their announcement last week that the game is confirmed to be coming to the West as well – yup, we have an officially confirmed Western release announcement made this early in development.
Unfortunately they didn’t go into further details as to when specifically we’d be receiving an English version of the game, which stands to reason – it’s probably a ways off still.
Nevertheless, this is fantastic news as this, I feel, is going to be a game that is definitely worth investing time into.

In NieR Re[in]carnation, you’re lead around a world called The Cage. You have one mission: Collect weapon memory pieces.
Each weapon piece will take us into its own unique world filled with puzzles, enemies, mysteries to solve with us going back and forth between the memories and The Cage.
The Cage in specific will be fully rendered in 3D whereas the memories will actually be rendered in 2D, interestingly enough. And that’s all that has been revealed thus far.

We still don’t know all that much about the game, but over the development process we’re no doubt going to see quite a bit more of what the game has to offer.
Pre-registration for the game is currently open for players that want to go ahead and pre-register ahead of the game’s launch.
It’s unconfirmed how many players have pre-registered thus far, but the devs have promised 3,000 in-game gems for every player if they reach 500,000 pre-registrations ahead of the games launch.

Gameplay trailers for the game have shown a little more than what has been detailed, but other than the occasional walk-around, we’re still very limited in terms of what we know about the game.
Nevertheless, it is still slated to release by 2021, so for players like me that are in love with the NieR series, this is no doubt going to be a lot of fun and definitely something to look forward to.

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