Nexon Preview New Dungeon Fighter Duel Anime Game

Nexon Preview New Dungeon Fighter Duel Anime Game

Riot Games confirmed earlier this week via a series of Tweet’s from Ghostcrawler that the developer is currently in the process of hiring for their brand new MMORPG project.

The trailer.. was surprisingly good looking. The Dungeon Fighter team are absolutely slaying it recently with their trailer reveals. Dungeon Fighter Overkill looks like an absolutely gorgeous, modern take on the Dungeon Fighter IP, and Dungeon Fighter Duel looks like a fantastic Guilty Gear, Soul Calibur amalgamation.
Which makes sense, as Neople are working with Arc System Works, the developers behind the Guilty Gear series. In the trailer, we were shown footage from the Berserker, Inquisitor, Striker, Grappler and Ranger.
We saw a lot of different combos, grappling. Some.. gratuitous shots of certain classes. Which I’m sure you all noticed as they were displayed on-screen.
We still don’t know a whole lot concerning the upcoming game, but Nexon did state that now the first full trailer for the game is out, they’ll not only be opening various different channels, but will also be continuing a steady stream of not only new information, but also new footage over the course of its development process.

Which is.. disconcerting. Given they said more or less the same thing about Project BBQ and Peria Chronicles.
The latter, of which, has.. well, been canceled. Much to the dismay of its fans. And the former, only receiving 2 trailers total in the several years it’s been in development for.

Now there’s been no news on a confirmed Western release date currently. I mean, there’s no reveal of any type of Western version in the immediate future, either.
Heck, they have no scheduled release date within its own country of origin, which should go a ways to show exactly how far through the development process they are.
But during their latest financial report, they did note that Dungeon Fighter Duel was slated for some type of 2022 release. Whether that is accurate or not remains to be seen, however.

Regardless, the entire Dungeon Fighter intellectual property is on fire right now.
Dungeon Fighter Online is doing great, Dungeon Fighter Overkill looks incredible, Project BBQ looks amazing. And the mobile Dungeon Figther… well, looks like a mobile game. So it’s about what you’d expect.

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