Nexon Finally Releases New Project BBQ Footage

Nexon Finally Releases New Project BBQ Footage

It’s been a long time coming. Like, a really, really long time. 2 years to be precise. And in the world of MMOs, that’s almost a death sentence.

Even so, after 2 whole years of radio silence, it turns out the developers over at Neople and Nexon have opted to release a full, new gameplay trailer for Project BBQ, the upcoming open-world sequel to the worldwide hit “Dungeon Fighter Online.”

The new gameplay video shows quite a bit: We get to see a variety of different NPCs all interacting with the world, we get to see some of the world itself–not the open world the developers claim, but rather the towns you get to wander around, and some of the instanced dungeons you can tackle. It was worth noting that not a single time did we witness any type of open-world content, which is a little disconcerting. We got a deeper look at the combat, which actually looks to have been improved on quite a bit from the trailer released 2 years ago – a feat in and of itself. But other than that, the trailer didn’t really reveal much.

Yes, there’s going to be a story for the game. Yes, the graphics have improved. Yes, the combat is better than ever. But that’s it – that’s all we get. Why have Nexon not given the game an official title yet? We’re still calling it “Project BBQ!” after years of development.

Regardless, I’m excited for the game. More so now after seeing the improvements made, but I’m still concerned that this isn’t going to be what they promise: An open-world MMO. I’m also cautious, as this is a Nexon MMO.. but otherwise, I’m looking forward to what comes next for the game. We still don’t have a release date confirmed for neither South Korea nor the West (North America and Europe,) but we’ll have a test phase within the South Korean region some time in 2021.

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