New World Announce Open Beta Test

New World Announce Open Beta Test for September 9-12 2021.

In news I’m sure nobody saw coming (as New World is slated to launch next month,) the New World Twitter page went on to announce that the upcoming MMO is holding another Beta test–this time, an Open Beta test allowing everyone into the game.

Many players have taken to Twitter to share their negative opinion on the Open Beta test, with common concerns being that they’re “killing the hype for the game before it even launches,” by burning players out, allowing for them to repeatedly run through content they’ve completed in the past and might not be willing to push through for the umpteenth time when the game finally launches, and even players concerned this Open Beta test is to test features that could potentially push the game back even further than it has been already. And for fans of the game.. that’s all but a death sentence. Players are eager to get into the game, but at the same time, there’s only so many delays they can take before finally caving and moving on.

The New World team have confirmed that this Open Beta test is to test their “server infrastructure, featuring a higher server capacity than the Closed Beta.”
They further go on to confirm that this Beta test is “crucial and will help ensure that everyone has a seamless experience upon release,” the release of course still being at the end of September.. unless this test phase provides issue otherwise.

New World’s Open Beta test phase will begin on September 9th and last until September 12th, 2021.

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