New Wildstar Update – Free Level 50 Boost!

What’s up fam!

My name is Stix and today I just wanna give you guys a quick fyi about something I think NCsoft and the team over at Wildstar are doing that I believe is pretty cool, right?

So, from what I’ve read and what I understand, Wildstar is releasing a new endgame progression system, and to go along with their new progression system, they’re giving away a free level 50 boost to anyone that logs in during the launch of the new update.

The new endgame progression system is coming in the form of an update. It’s a big patch that they’re going to roll out on March 8.

The level 50 boost that you get for logging in during the launch is a limited time event. It is a one time offer only, you can only use it on one character, one single time.

Not only do you get a level 50 boost that gets you that much further to reaching endgame in Wildstar and trying it out (if you haven’t already,) which mind you is.. ugh, if you haven’t tried Wildstar out already, then this should be reason enough for you to just log in during the event on March 8 and give it a try. It is a good game.

Despite the fact that it had a pretty shitty launch, and it definitely wasn’t the greatest pay to play game, the fact is is that since going free to play they’ve made a lot of changes, and they’ve updated a lot of things. The game has gotten a lot better.

So.. generally what I’m trying to say is, that we both play Wildstar. Wiggy and I enjoy the game – it’s a good game. It’s nothing outstanding. Y’know? It’s now Guild Wars 2 or Final Fantasy XIV, but it is free now, and it is good. So, if you’ve been on the fence about trying Wildstar out, you’ve been turned off that you have to level from 1 all the way to endgame, March 8 is your chance, nay, opportunity, to actually get in there and try out higher level stuff.

You obviously don’t have to get in there and try stuff out. We’re not trying to force you to. I’m not trying to color the game as something like “Wildstar is amazing!”, “Stix said it was so cool, but it’s nowhere near as cool as he made it out to be!”, now I’m not saying it’s the greatest thing ever. I’m not saying it’s amazing or anything, but it is a good game. There have been a group of people that stuck with the game through all the shit it’s been through, throughout its reformation, and I think it’s pretty cool that the DEV’s over at the Wildstar team are giving new players the ability to experience the game.

We will be personally taking advantage of the free level 50 boost, as we would love to get into later game stuff ourselves on an alternate character.

So again, if you guys want to, now is your chance!

Also, just quickly, since I overlooked this earlier: You will be given a full set of DPS gear for your chosen class, you’ll also be given a set of support gear if you feel like you want to dabble in tanking or healing as well, that will be for level 50.

But yeah, go ahead and hop on over to the Wildstar website and sign up if you haven’t already done it. Check it out. A lot of other players will likely be doing the same.

Now is the time if you’ve ever been on the fence about playing Wildstar. You likely won’t ever get another opportunity like this.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to talk about today. Nothing major. Just some news about a game I think is worth talking about, or at least giving a chance to.

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