New Upcoming MMO “Atlas” From Wildcard Studios Launching December 19th

New Upcoming MMO "Atlas" From Wildcard Studios Launching December 19th

Studio Wildcard announced last week that a new pirate-themed MMO was under development; A pirate themed MMO that can hold up to 40,000 concurrent players, no less.
Studio Wildcard is known for their highly successful, if not terribly buggy survival game ARK: Survival Evolved released back on August 29th, 2017.
Atlas had been slated for a launch onto Steam in Early Access on December 13th but has since been delayed until December 19th.
If ARK and this delay is anything to go off of.. then this slight delay is far from the worst thing that could’ve happened, what with the plethora of issues ARK had and still currently has.
“It’s a vast virtual world out there across the Atlas, and the team’s going to use that extra time to review every portion of it thoroughly,” they wrote on Steam. “We’re sorry about the delay, and we know how much everyone is looking forward to establishing their empires!”
The MMO is being touted as an “MMO On the Grandest Scale”, offering players a world 1,200 times larger than ARK’s allowing players to explore every inch of the globe simultaneously.
The game, much like ARK will support an official server and modded servers for players that would prefer not to play alongside large numbers of other players.
In Atlas players will be able to fully construct their very own ship – plank by plank, captain your own crew comprised of other players or AI controlled NPCs, engage in PvP, master a large selection of skills and disciplines, claim territories and tame creatures.
I will say.. I’m very excited, if not.. remaining very cautious, at the same time.

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