New MMORPGs Launching in February 2023 | What MMO Should You Play?

New MMORPGs Launching in February 2023 | What MMO Should You Play?

I’m genuinely shocked that we’re already about to enter into February, 2023. I remember the New Year almost like it was just yesterday.
With a new month, comes new releases, new Alpha tests, new Beta tests, and most importantly: New announcements. We all love whenever a new MMO is announced. We then get to spend the next 5 years hoping they provide us a release date, and the 5 preceding the release date announcement wondering why it keeps getting delayed.
Jokes aside, new MMO releases, whether by large companies or indie is proof the genre isn’t dead. And that’s a win for all of us.
With this in mind, I’d like to present to all of you the MMOs that will be launching in some capacity next month, February 2023. Honestly it isn’t looking to be a bad month.

Blue Protocol

Last month, Bandai Namco confirmed that they would be holding a Closed Beta running January 14th through the 16th, allowing for 50,000 participants. However, after running in to a serious, game breaking bug, the Beta test phase was delayed from January to February.
Closed Beta registration is still currently open and available, meaning if you want the chance to play this Beta test next month.. this is your one single opportunity.
Blue Protocol is an action-combat Anime MMO developed and published by Bandai Namco – one of the only true, AAA budget MMOs released in years releasing exclusively on PC, with potential console plans down the line.
Unfortunately we do not possess an exact release date for the final Beta test, but it is 100% coming in February. Likely the first or second week.


Tarisland is a brand new MMORPG that takes inspiration from World of Warcraft. And when I use the term “takes inspiration from,” I mean is legitimately a copy>paste of classes, races, animations, entire regions, NPCs, events that took place in WoW lore.
I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen an MMO rip as much as Tarisland has, but this is an MMO coming directly from Tencent, one of China’s largest tech companies, so is it really such a shock to expect a lack of originality in their game?
Now disregarding the blatant copy of a game this ultimately is, I will note graphically it looks absolutely gorgeous. I feel like some of the UI and animations are a little stiff – and feel very mobile.
But this is Tencent’s attempt at taking advantage of the MMO market now that Blizz and WoW are no longer going to be published in China, and what better way to monopolize on the market than to make it cross-platform compatible between PC and Mobile, right?
Pre-registration is currently open for the game with Beta testing to begin almost immediately. Meaning if you navigate on over and pre-register, there’s a chance you could play this in the next few weeks.


Fractured is an MMO with a troubled history. Initially, I was excited for the game. I got to play the Alpha test and admittedly had some fun. It went deep into heavy development for years before emerging recently under Gamigo as the official publisher.
At that moment, they received a lot of negative feedback as Gamigo is where MMOs go to die while players continue to be milked indefinitely until each game’s respective server closure. However, towards the end of 2022, the Fractured devs and Gamigo split.
Gamigo actually lost several of their games and even went as far as shuttering the Aeria Games studio. With their parting though came new opportunities: Now they can publish the MMO themselves, without Gamigo ruining any chance they had.
And they expect to have their servers fully online at some point in early February, according to the studio, who stated “we won’t be offline for long after the 31st of January.” If you’ve been meaning to try the game out, now’s your chance to! They’re finally free of the shackles that bound them!

World of Titans

I’m sure some of you recall TitanReach. It was an MMO that I covered, where I went on to state how horrendous it was, how poorly handled everything was and ultimately how the game wouldn’t make it past its crowdfunding, shutting down before long. And that all came to pass.
Then, out of the ashes came a revived project utilizing the same name. I was approached by this new indie studio in an effort to do a dedicated video on it and promote the Kickstarter they plan on opening….. but when have you guys known me to actively be interested in scamming our community? Right. There’s no way I could do that.
And while I cannot in good faith promote the game right now OR its crowdfunding, that doesn’t mean I won’t include it in a list like this because that would be entirely biased.
The Kickstarter has since launched, and has $3k backed out of the $100k they’re looking to raise. Yes, like all indie MMOs, they’re asking for $100k to fund the game development, cover employee salaries, marketing and additional fees, according to the team.
World of Titans is officially playable right now via Steam. They have a functional demo of the game live for players that want to trial the game before backing it. But I’d tread with caution.

ArcheAge War

ArcheAge doesn’t have the greatest history in the genre. It’s an MMO that has suffered from horrendous pay to win and even worse management.
And while ArcheAge 2 might remedy the issues players had with its predecessor, Kakao recently confirmed that they have a spin-off ArcheAge title called ArcheAge War releasing in the next month or so.
This is an MMO built in Unreal Engine 4, and will launch completely cross-platform between PC and Mobile. Pre-registration for the upcoming title opened on January 11th – and Kakao promised us we wouldn’t have to wait long to get our hands on it.
Kakao isn’t known to be the most reliable when it comes to releases though, so while February is expected.. it isn’t a guarantee. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in the ArcheAge franchise, this might be an MMO you don’t wanna miss.

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    Can’t find the preregister for tarisland 😮

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