New MMORPG Albion Online Launches – Join Us!

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings my name is Wiggy and
today I’ll be talking talking about Albion Online!

By now you’ve probably guessed that Albion Online has launched already, do to the title, and or thumbnail, thus the reason you clicked.
So yeah Albion has officially launched for everyone, no matter which pack they bought, even if you buy it today, it’s
completely playable! Which is awesome, as we’ll finally get the chance to see how it actually plays!

Now if you’re completely out of the MMORPG loop and are generally unaware of what Albion Online actually is, here’s a quick summary to
save you time having to google around. Firstly it’s not normal average MMORPG as it’s cross platform. so while you can play it on your phone/tablet, you can also play on your PC. It’s also a sandbox MMORPG, which means you can pretty much do anything you want whenever you want, whether that’s becoming a blacksmith, farmer, mercenary, or just generally derp around the game world.

It has a completely player driven economy, which you know could potentially be amazing, but it depends on who you ask. No classes, as depending on the weapon and armor you wear chooses your playstyle. So you could be a robe wearing greatsword wielding badass, or a heavy plated archer that’s not so nimble.

Albion Online is absolutely full of interesting features, it’s definitely worth trying out, if you’re interesting in a western MMORPG, with a player driven economy, classless system, crafting galore, and nice farming simulator.

I am personally looking forward to trying out this MMORPG, as I’ve been looking forward to it for a little while.
Now before I end this video I would like to ask, have you guys tried it out yet? and if so, how’re you liking it?

Anyway guys thank you for watching, and as always, good day, night or afternoon wherever it is where you are and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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