New Maplestory Class Added In Nova: Brilliance of Illium Update

New Class - Illium Added

Nexon recently released their new update for Maplestory, Nova: Brilliance of Illium – and with it came a new character: Illium.

According to Nexon, Illium is a member of the Verdant Flora race. Illium and all the other members of his race hid themselves in the deepest parts of grandis in an attempt to avoid all their enemies and live a life of peace. Naturally, it’s impossible to avoid confrontation forever, and thus, Illium and the other survivors are forced into Maple World in order to find the Ancient God’s Sanctuary.

Illium is a magic user, utilizing crystals, his Gauntlet, and his Lucent Wings in combat.

More can be found out by visiting Nexon’s website directly.

New Content

The update itself brings in new events for players, and new areas, specific to characters level 230 and above.

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