Moonlight Blade – Our Most Difficult Battle Yet! (Free To Play MMORPG)

Wow, so a lot happened when we played earlier. To start things off I’d like to bring to light the fact that every enemy seems to want MaleWiggy’s ass on a platter. Every encounter we get into has them go straight for Wiggy’s character.

Second, this game and everything in it is just so gorgeous. I cannot stress enough exactly how good this game looks. I will likely bring it up every video because I just can’t get over it personally.

Third, there is so much plot in this game. I don’t believe I’ve encountered an MMORPG with as much plot as this before – when you’re not fighting – you’re pursuing the plot. There’s always more plot and there are always side quests to do.

You can definitely say you’re never left having to grind! (At least.. yet.)

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