Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: Sexy Shinobi Happenings – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: Sexy Shinobi Happenings - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

This was uhh.. well, I wasn’t expecting to play a game like this on my phone. Not that this is a bad game – it was just much more.. uhh, suggestive than I would have otherwise imagined upon first inspection. Which is right up my alley. I mean this is me we’re talking about, right?

So, right off the bat we’re introduced to the game with… well, a heavenly opening. We get to see all the different female characters you’re capable of recruiting in a variety of different.. situations, I guess? Not that I’m complaining.
This is an opening I actually took the time to sit through.. pretty much fully. I’m sure you can understand why. You guys can’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same thing!
After that we’re given a tutorial – quite a lengthy tutorial, actually, that showed us how to enter a Chapter, how to click our abilities, how to equip our characters with gear.. you know, the norm. Unfortunately. It’s not like this game isn’t like every other Mobile RPG out there, right?

And then we’re finally given the opportunity to actually play the game after.. 10? 15 minutes? And you know? This game is actually a lotta fun.
Let me break down how the game works, though. First, Moe! Ninja Girls takes place in a school. We’re new students and want to make a good first impression on the students that occupy it. Not that I need any help with that – I’m me after all.
We recruit various different Ninja’s – well, they call themselves ninja’s but I guess the correct terminology is kunoichi, right? They’re all female. There are no male ninja’s capable of being recruited.
And with those kunoichi, we uh… well, that’s about all I got. We fight a bunch of other ninja’s? I think?

The combat isn’t half bad. It’s turn-based and has players choose if they want to attack with melee or utilize one of your characters’ abilities. Your skills look decent enough – nothing too flashy unless you’re using their ultimate ability – which triggers a transition to an animated scene, like all games do.
There’s the option of auto-battling, as one would expect from a mobile game. I had the game auto-battle for me while I wrote this up, funny enough. Yup, I started this while on the toilet, and finished it at my computer desk. That’s dedication to my craft!
Graphically, the game looks great. Character models outside of battle look crisp and high quality. There are tons of girls to recruit and each of them looks.. well, tantalizing.
In-game the character models utilize a chibi style, with different back-drops for the different areas we engage enemies in. Enemies seemed similar for the time I played – which is understandable. I’m really not sure how “fantasy-esque” this game is.

The story in the game was quite prevalent. I daresay it’s more prevalent than any other type of content in the game. We have a childhood friend who sticks with us and helps push us through the story, and meet a plethora of different girls through school.
Allies. Enemies. Both at the same time. All the while trying to keep our grades up and make sure everyone likes us.
We’re also required to keep raising our characters’ affection levels. I’m not sure honestly what happens when we max those out.. maybe we get to have some fun with them? Maybe they get stronger? Maybe we unlock new abilities?

The best part of the game to me, though, is that the characters take battle damage. Meaning that your characters’ appearance changes if they take too much damage. Yup – best to just let them maximize the damage they take. Or at least I did.

Overall, I had a lot of fun in Moe! Ninja Girls. It was cute, it had a lot of cute girls, and was just a nice way to burn some time.

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