Mobius Final Fantasy Shutting Down

Mobius Final Fantasy Shutting Down

I never had the opportunity to play Mobius Final Fantasy. I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan – I’ve played every Final Fantasy game, including the Dissidia games, with the exception of the XIII sequels and mobile titles.
So, naturally, it should be evident why I never got around to this. It’s always a shame whenever a game shuts down though, even if it’s a mobile title – as we know mobile games are released every other week.

Now I had no idea this was even closing down until it was brought to my attention earlier today. However, apparently this announcement was made back in the middle of January.
The global server will be officially shutting down on June 30th, 2020. That marks almost half a decade since it originally launched.
The Japanese server is actually going to be shutting down earlier than the global server – this month, specifically, and considering the game is still plenty popular, especially within Japan itself, it comes as a bit of a surprise.
Mobius also has a Steam release with thousands of positive reviews left, however it sees a couple hundred players playing concurrently, which is a sign of a dead game.
At least on the Steam servers. Now, the shut down is going to apply to every version of the game including the Steam version, with the Steam iteration of Mobius shutting down simultaneously with the mobile version.

It is worth noting that Square Enix didn’t seem overly involved in the game as the original story ended back in July 2017, with an announcement back at the beginning of 2018 stating that there would be a new update in the form of the “Warrior of Destruction.”
However, since then no new content has been added to the game and it’s been essentially running in maintenance mode.
This won’t be affecting any of their other games, and it’s currently unconfirmed where the teams that worked on Mobius will be moving to.
There are plenty of other good Final Fantasy games to satiate your need for a Final Fantasy title though if you’re looking. Some of them are on mobile devices, but most of them are not unfortunately.
But don’t worry – hang in there! When a game falls, a new one ultimately rises to take its place. The same will no doubt happen with Mobius Final Fantasy.

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