Mobile MMO & RPG News: Tower of Fantasy, Genshin Impact, Mabinogi Mobile, Project Ragnarok, Pokemon Unite

Mobile MMO & RPG News: Tower of Fantasy, Genshin Impact, Mabinogi Mobile, Project Ragnarok, Pokemon Unite

Alright, here we are. The end of a month filled with a ton of new info pertaining to a plethora of different mobile games.
If this is your first time here, then welcome! Hopefully I can satiate your thirst for Mobile news this week by talking about anything and everything the genre has revealed over the last few weeks.
With that out of the way, I guess let’s just go right ahead and jump right into this week’s Monthly Byte of MMO & RPG News.

Tower of Fantasy

We’re gonna go ahead and start this off with Tower of Fantasy, a brand new upcoming cross-platform Anime MMORPG. I did a dedicated video on this on the main MMOByte channel so if you’re interested, I urge you to go ahead and check it out!
Very little has been revealed concerning the game right now, but it looks to be a scifi-magic themed title with a strong focus on story. Yes, the game is going to be completely cross-play compatible between Mobile devices and PCs with no mention of a Console release anywhere in the future.
The game is being developed in China and as such, I’m hoping for something better than most Korean cross-platform MMOs as Honkai Impact comes out of China and that game is freakin’ awesome.
While the game has been announced, no 2020 release has been confirmed which means we’ll likely be looking at 2021 at the earliest.

Pokemon Unite

So, the trailer for Pokemon’s latest game, titled “Pokemon Unite” just rolled out and players are.. well, intrigued. Some people are saying it looks like a lot of fun, with others saying the game is merely nostalgia baiting. Me? I’m on the fence.
Pokemon Unite is a MOBA like League of Legends, being developed by Tencent – yes, the Chinese company. The game will feature several Pokemon per side, battling one another in teams trying to complete the objectives set within the stage.
It’ll be completely free-to-play and cross-platform on both Mobile devices and the Switch. Honestly.. I’m a little concerned for the game.
I feel like we already have popular MOBA games, and this, other than having the Pokemon title attached to it, isn’t going to provide players with anything out of the ordinary to hold their attention.

Mabinogi Mobile

I haven’t really talked about Mabinogi Mobile over the course of either of the channels’ lives. That’s because there hasn’t really been much in the way of info pertaining to the game. However, recently it was announced that Nexon is going to be handing over development to an entirely separate studio.
And when I say “studio,” I mean a studio that Nexon has made an investment in – the studio behind the HeroWarz MMO that shut down briefly after launching.
Wonder Holdings, the studio in question, will work alongside devCAT, the studio behind Mabinogi and continue development as they attempt to launch the title later in 2021.
Yes, the game is scheduled to release in 2021, however when specifically unknown. I guess it’s all dependent on how well this ends up ultimately going.

Revisions: Next Stage

Speaking of devCAT and the developers behind Mabinogi and Mabinogi Mobile, last year it was announced that they were working on another brand new upcoming title, “Revisions: Next Stage.”
This was created by the director of Code Geass, and even had an Anime airing on Netflix accompany it, building additional hype for the game.
The game, from what I saw, was a pretty traditional grid-based RPG, where you’d field mech units, and move around engaging other units like you would in a Fire Emblem game.
Nexon being Nexon though, has opted to shutter the game in August. Yup, the game is shutting down before really even having the opportunity to garner an audience.


V4, Nexon’s latest MMORPG has finally gotten a global announcement. According to Nexon, V4, which is a self-titled “gorgeous fantasy MMORPG” will be launching onto both Android and iOS devices globally later this year. At any time. Seriously.
They noted “the second half of 2020,” which could realistically be the final week of December 2020 for all we know. Supposedly, the game is going to feature “unprecedented cross-play” between both PC and Mobile gamers. Yup – we’ll see how that works out.
The game is going to feature plenty of co-operative features, large, 100-player boss battles which you can participate in through the open-world, and will weave in inter-server play. That’s at least exciting!

Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes just launched – well, it launched like a month ago, but holy! Wow! I had no idea a game like this would be coming out. Exos Heroes is a brand new RPG that looks, feels and plays very much like an older JRPG – something I feel is sorely missing in the genre.
Yes, at its core it’s the same kind of game you’ve been playing for years now but the graphical style, the game-world, exploration, combat and even story are all absolutely top-tier, so much so that I did a dedicated video on it and couldn’t put it down all day.
Seriously, if more Mobile RPGs used this as a basis, I feel as though people wouldn’t put down Mobile games nearly as much as they do.

Hero Cantare with NAVER WEBTOON

Yes, this has a ridiculously long name. I just call it “Hero Cantare,” but it’s another RPG that just came out and while not as good as Exos Heroes, is another title I highly recommend trying out purely due to the difficulty of the game.
From what I played through, the game is more or less your average Gacha RPG but it makes use of a pretty unique chain combo combat system, and honestly, if you’re bored with the games you’ve been playing, isn’t it always fun picking up something new?
With new heroes, with new graphics, with.. new everything? An entirely new title is always fun to get into. And Hero Cantare is an interesting new game you can waste some time in.

Genshin Impact

I actually JUST did a video on Genshin Impact on the main MMOByte Youtube channel what, a day ago?
But since the game’s going to be cross-platform compatible, I figure it’s worth mentioning here as well! So! If you weren’t already aware, Genshin Impact is holding its Final Closed Beta next month, July 2nd specifically.
This beta test is going to test all remaining features from the game, including how well the game plays on the PS4. While I own one, I’m going to be playing it over on the PC still because.. I prefer the PC, honestly. That’s it.

Project Gorgon

I cover Project Gorgon from time to time. It’s a solid game, and definitely deserves more attention than it gets. The reason I’m talking about it right now is because a brand new patch is rolling out in a few weeks, and with it, comes a brand new race that has been talked about since back in 2016: Faeries.
To unlock the new fairy race you’ll be required to first have a character of high enough level, and proceed to run through a dungeon called The Winter Nexus with other players, completing a level 40 quest and finally unlocking the race permanently.
I’ve been meaning to play through Project Gorgon more thoroughly.. so I guess this might be the time to.

Genshin Impact

I’m a very large fan of Genshin Impact. It’s one of the games I’m looking forward to playing with Mrs Stix. I know it’s not an MMORPG, but I also enjoy co-operative RPGs, and Genshin Impact will have online multiplayer.
So when they revealed the date they’re rolling out their closed beta, I was ecstatic. According to miHoYo, Genshin Impact will be launching into closed beta during the first quarter of 2020.
Which means we’re looking at a release within the next 6 weeks. This is very exciting news! If you haven’t already, then make sure you’ve signed up for the closed beta.

Dekaron M

Dekaron has never really been all that good of an MMO to me, but I was definitely surprised last year when it was announced that the game was getting a mobile adaptation. “Really?” I thought to myself, because, I’m gonna be honest here, the game is kinda.. dead.
But yeah, that didn’t stop the studio behind the game announcing they were making a brand new mobile game based on the PC iteration.
Now, not much was known about the game until recently, when they had opted to release a brand new promotional poster showcasing 4 of the classes you’re going to have access to in the upcoming Mobile MMO.
Little else is known – but from what we’ve gotten out of Mobile MMO adaptations, it’s a safe bet to assume this is going to be an auto-play mess filled with microtransactions that fails to live up to or even capture the essence of what made Dekaron popular during its prime.

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War

The world seems intent on providing China with a surplus of games with which to go about developing for them.
The Lord of the Rings, Pokemon, Diablo.. like, I’m not even joking here, if there’s one thing we’ve learned over our experience with Chinese games, it’s that they put so little effort into the title they’re developing, that in the end, the game feels empty, void of any type of soul or personality of the original IP.
But here we are, with Warner Bros. and Netease announcing a partnership that is going to see a Chinese developed Lord of the Rings Mobile title, “The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War.” Yup. I’m not even kidding.
I couldn’t be even if I wanted to be. While I’m not saying that this means the game is going to be inherently terrible, I am saying that it’s definitely a much higher possibility of being as such.
Little info is known regarding the game right now, other than it’s going to be a globally accessible game and that it’s set within the Third Age of Middle-Earth.

Project Ragnarok

Earlier this month, I covered the ODIN: Valhalla Rising MMORPG but I’d forgotten all about another upcoming MMO: Project Ragnarok. Last month NetEase announced that they were working on developing a brand new upcoming Norse-themed AAA open-world MMORPG titled Project Ragnarok.
You take on the role of a hero summoned to stop the destruction of Ragnarok. According to the game’s description, it will be available on all platforms – PC, consoles and Mobile devices.
It will be completely open-world, providing players with a large sense of freedom and exploration, but other than that, and a trailer, there hasn’t really been anything else revealed on the title.
I’m curious how this is going to turn out since I know there are some solid titles that work cross-platform between PC and Mobile, but I’ve never seen a well done cross-platform title, especially an MMO, between PC, Mobile and consoles.

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