Mobile Legends: Adventure – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Mobile Legends: Adventure - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Alright, this one actually caught me a little off guard. I was not expecting a mobile game to be as difficult as this is and I can honestly say that that sheer level of difficulty made the game immensely more enjoyable.
So, Mobile Legends: Adventure is an RPG. Well, technically it’s an idle RPG but at the same time this feels equally as “RPG-esque” as many other non-idle RPG’s I’ve had the pleasure of playing through.
You’re given a little history to the game and are thrown into a few tutorial battles.

After about 10 minutes of tutorials, you gain control over your character, naturally. Or, you gain control over your party at least. Then the real game begins: And let me tell you, while initially the game might seem easy enough, the difficulty curve gets quite steep, very quickly.
Or at least I feel it does. I spent over an hour mindlessly spamming the dungeons, main story and every other form of content I could to level my characters, to find them new gear and to attempt to unlock additional characters.
For the most part I got garbage, but I got 2 5-star heroes out of over 13 attempts. Yes, this is a Gacha game, like.. pretty much every mobile game ever. Are there non-Gacha mobile games out there? I’d honestly love to try a few out just to compare them!

The game progresses much like you’d expect. There are Chapters, and each chapter is an enemy encounter. After the beginning they’re always 5-enemy battles, occasionally having elite and even boss monsters accompanying groups to mess you up.
Combat is auto- much like the majority of mobile RPGs. You possess the ability to use each of your characters’ individual skills if you want to or you can set the game to auto and it’ll use it in the most effective, efficient way possible.
Which I did, naturally. ’cause once again, this game was difficult. Really, really difficult. I lost so many encounters over my time playing and was repeatedly left trying to upgrade my characters in any way I could.
This level of difficulty is sorely missing in the mobile market right now and I feel as though is a necessary addition to any and every title.
You can field 5 heroes at any given time, much like the maximum number of enemies. They have individual positions you need to be aware of – so you don’t go sending your mages off onto the front lines.

Graphically, Mobile Legends is actually a pretty damn good looking game. Character models look fantastic, abilities look impressive, special move animations actually look freakin’ sick, not gonna lie.
The combat itself is very smooth, the leveling system, the amount of options that you’re provided to actually do – everything is surprisingly high quality.
All in all, I enjoyed my time in the game. Yes at its core it’s a Gacha game and it’s supposedly an idle RPG as well, but I had more fun in this then I have in probably 70% of the mobile games I’ve played on this channel thus far.

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