MMORPG News: TERA Classic, Project N1, BDO, BnS, Revelation, Shadowbringers & More!

Is Project N1 The Next Big MMORPG? TERA Classic, BDO, BnS, Revelation, Shadowbringers & More!


Let’s start this off with Dauntless. Many of you may be unaware but the game just launched onto PS4 and Xbox One last week – and to rather astounding numbers, at that.
Phoenix Labs, the team behind Dauntless revealed that there were over 6 million players across all platforms after the first week had ended, doubling their player count since the PC game launched into open beta.
And that shows, with queue times for the game numbering in the tens of thousands.
Now that the game has officially launched across all platforms, Phoenix Labs are turning their attention to their ongoing “massive campaign rework” that aims to bring improvements to every aspect of the game.
Dauntless is playable cross-platform, meaning that you can play your game on any platform with anybody as part of their One Dauntless system.

Black Desert Online

Last week Black Desert finally released their Underwater Ruins expansion which brought with it three new explorable areas, the Call of the Ocean event, new enemies and what would an update be without new loot, right?
While the Underwater Ruins expansion added quite a bit in the way of content, Kakao and Pearl Abyss revealed that they’re already hard at work on their next update: Star’s End, which will bring with it a brand new explorable area themed after the world boss Kzarka.
Players will be heading West of Calpheon. According to Kakao, the update is right around the corner going live on June 5th.
You guys ready for the new Blackstar weapon quest that’ll be accompanying the update?

New Frontier

Who here remembers Wild West Online? You know, that old Western game that launched to an average of.. 20 players online concurrently? That game that couldn’t figure out how to implement female character models in their game?
Yeah. That game. Well, after their studio imploded and the developers ended up working unpaid for three months, Wild West Online shut down. Thankfully.
Now, adding insult to injury, Wild West Online has rebranded itself as a completely new title – New Frontier.
New Frontier is a retooled version of Wild West Online – but.. with aliens. And robots. Yup – We have yet another open world sandbox game – because we need more of those – set in a futuristic, alien-infested steampunk world.
A world that had already failed in the past.
The game went into Alpha testing earlier this week while retaining all accounts and purchases made for Wild West Online. So if you’re interested in testing the game out – now’s the chance as there will be no wipes between now and launch.

Blade & Soul

Korea released info last week regarding a new class for Blade & Soul. The Archer, specifically, will be arriving on Wednesday, June 12th in South Korea.
Unfortunately for those of you that play the North American version of the game, NCSoft have not confirmed any Western release date.
According to NCSoft, the normal attacks are auto-target with some of the skills being free-to-cast. It is important for players to remain on the move to make full use of the class though.
No details have been revealed as to which of the races will have access to it but we should have information on that front soon enough.

Revelation Online

Who here remembers a time when Revelation Online was actively played? Oh, nobody? Well, at the very least the game continues to be actively updated for the handful of you that play.
The new Heaven and Earth update went live onto the servers earlier this week and included with it new features and high-level content to partake of.
Such as the Zodiac Dungeon – a dungeon that allows you to fight 12 Zodiac themed bosses from level 59 and above.
Dungeons scale to the level of your group as opposed to being a set level to make encounters challenging all the way up to max level.
You gotta give Revelation and credit – they might have killed their game and handling of the game might be some of the worst in the MMO market but they update it more regularly than almost any other free MMO.

Project N1

This is possibly the biggest news in the entire video: Kim Jung-hwan is the former CEO of NCSoft Taiwan, the co-founder of XLGAMES and the current Managing Director of Blizzard Korea.
So you can imagine the amount of games he’s been a part of: The Lineage franchise, ArenaNet’s Guild Wars games, Korea’s launch of Overwatch and more recently, the ArcheAge MMO.
Now, Kim announced that he’s leading his very own development team called Nyou and has already obtained over $8 million to invest into a brand new MMORPG. An MMORPG for the PC – Not a mobile MMO, not a console MMO.
A complete, full-fledged MMORPG powered by Unreal Engine 4, currently titled “Project N1.”
According to Kim it will be combining the “elements of high school fantasy and the medieval era,” with Project N1 attempting to “increase the immersion of the game” based off of actions the player makes in-game.
We’ve seen this done to a degree in Guild Wars 2 so I’m definitely interested in seeing how this pans out in a new game. But that’s not it – Nyou and Project N1 aren’t releasing solely in South Korea, far from it.
Nyou have plans to release Project N1 globally, with North America and Europe being priorities for the launch of the game, Kim stating that he hopes to get the game on Steam.
Does this mean that the game will be a buy to play MMO like Guild Wars 2 or Black Desert, or will the game launch free to play on Steam?
Unfortunately nothing more was revealed.. for now. More updates will come in the near future so stay tuned! This could be the first competition Black Desert has faced in.. well, ever.


Fresh off of the success of its recent Kickstarter, the free to play indie MMO has taken the time to overhaul their website, creating not only a section for fans to pledge additional funds for development, but also a forum to discuss the game.
Currently, players have pledged over $20,000 since the Kickstarter ended and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon.
If you want to keep track of development, changes such as the character model differences or, heck, talk with the team behind the game then the forum is where you wanna be right now.

Torchlight Frontiers

So I recently got into the Torchlight Frontiers Alpha test and I’m currently in the process of recording footage of the game to do a video on.
However, in the meantime, I’d like to let everyone know that they’ve vastly overhauled the leveling system adding new skill paths, additional XP and new revival options.
Inspiration for the changes made were from Diablo II and Torchlight as it provides more choice and ownership people expect from an ARPG.
They openly acknowledged that the game was too slow and grindy so measures were taken to combat that.
Thankfully, since honestly I would’ve hated to have done a video, complained about the slow grindy nature and had it patched a day later.

Wurm Online

Wurm Online, the “wait, this game is still somehow still alive?” MMORPG actually had an update a couple days back on May 30th. There were tons of tweaks, bug fixes and graphical alterations made.
That.. was pretty much it unfortunately. Not much in the way of new content but hey – they’re working on prettyfying it! So.. there’s that.


It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Crowfall but as of last week, the team begun the Trial of Maeve – a brand new campaign running through June 12th.
Alpha testers will be able to go at it with one another attempting to come out on top winning the Gold Sigil of Maeve.

TERA Classic

Yup – as if World of Warcraft: Classic wasn’t enough to play, as I’d mentioned earlier this year TERA was releasing a Classic version of their own.. on mobile devices.
Note though that this is not TERA M, a mobile port of TERA that functions like Lineage 2: Revolution. This is an actual mobile adaptation of the TERA IP being published by Kakao Games in South Korea this Summer.
Kakao went ahead and released a new teaser for the game – which you’re watching right now, and went on to reveal that the game is set in the same world as the PC version but tells a new, disconnected story.
Longtu, the developer behind TERA Classic has went on record stating their intention of not only “faithfully reproducing” the features from its PC counterpart, but also going as far as having this mobile adaptation surpass the PC iteration all together.
Unfortunately Kakao have not provided any information in the way of a global release, with their only interest, at least presently, being the South Korean market.

Final Fantasy XI

I don’t often cover Final Fantasy XI because, honestly, it doesn’t get much in the way of updates, comparatively, at least, to other much larger MMOs but nevertheless, Square Enix have graced us with some good news.
Come the 20th anniversary for the game, Square have something “very big” to deliver for players – what that is is completely uncertain as of right now, and heck, they might not even know themselves yet.
Regardless, they have every intention of providing players a steady flow of new content to look forward to in whatever way that can, taking under consideration the current playerbase and how much they’re allowed to invest with that constraint.

Conqueror's Blade

I know, I know. You’re not a fan of – that’s fine. Nobody likes – they’re like an annoying little sibling that breaks and ruins everything you enjoy.
But I digress. announced last week that Conqueror’s Blade – the medieval tactical MMO will be going into Open Beta on June 4th. If you were one of the few that purchased a Founder’s Pack though, then no doubt you’re already in-game, considering the head-start was for May 28th.
Founder’s Packs are still available but honestly I’d advise against them.

Final Fantasy XIV

Shadowbringers is right around the corner. Less than a month away, in fact, and I couldn’t be more excited to sink my teeth into the game.
My wife actually took an entire week off work so we could grind through what the game has to offer. Yes, that’s how much we enjoy Final Fantasy XIV.
Not only do we have our Final Fantasy XIV video planned for this Monday, but when Shadowbringers launches at the end of June, we have plans on livestreaming parts of it to share with you all.
Just a little heads up for if you’re interested. I’m going a little off-topic though. In light of the upcoming Shadowbringers expansion, Square have revealed that the game has surpassed a staggering 16 million players.
This isn’t concurrent players with active subscriptions, but overall players that have played the game at one point in time.
While waiting for the expansion to go live, Square has provided a little grind for interested players in the form of the Moogle Treasure Trove.
Players can clear specific dungeons, raids or main scenario duties to earn Irregular Tomestones of Philosophy which can be exchanged for a variety of prizes. Prizes in the form of minions, mounts and even glamour.
So if you’re looking to occupy yourself for a few weeks, then here you go!


If you were keeping an eye on Astellia then you’d know that last week they revealed their Founder’s Packs, varying from $40 to $100.
I won’t really go into detail as to what the different packages offer as that’s all available on their website but I would like to note that the most expensive pack offers the largest headstart and access to both the first and second closed betas.
One thing that left a lot of potential players quite disconcerted was the realization that Astellia is actually completely gender-locked, meaning every class is locked to a specific gender.
The team behind the English release have stated that they are very against gender-locking and have promised that once the game launches, they’ll make every effort to remove all gender restrictions, with the Assassin and Warriors being freely available at launch and the other remaining classes being released at a later date.
If you recall, Bless Online also made promises like this with regards to releasing classes that never made it to the live servers, so honestly I’m a little concerned.
In my opinion instead of posturing to the public, they should just get their shit done and be done with it. But that’s just me.

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