MMORPG News: New MMOs Ember Sword, ReEvolve, Eternal, & UNTITLED MMOs

MMORPG News: New MMOs Ember Sword, ReEvolve, Eternal, & UNTITLED MMOs

A lot of news has surfaced over the last 2 weeks since doing my last MMORPG News video.
I almost didn’t think I’d make it through writing this video up – I’m hoping it doesn’t end up too long as I feel like this might be one of the heaviest news weeks in a long while.
I even opted to omit some games from this purely so I could cover them individually or in next week’s video!
But I digress. I’m wasting more time just talking about this.. so instead, let’s just jump right into this week’s Weekly Byte of MMORPG News, yeah?

Astellia Online

Let’s start this off with what is probably the biggest news of the last week: Astellia Online officially launched.
Astellia is probably the largest MMO to have released in the West all year, which may or may not be the saddest thing I’ve heard all year.
From what I recall, people hit endgame within a week or so and were ultimately a little disappointed with the endgame.
Not because it sucked, but because there wasn’t all that much of it there. But the general consensus was that the game isn’t a bad MMORPG, instead, it’s actually pretty decent!
Nothing to write home about, probably not something you’ll quit Final Fantasy XIV or WoW Classic over, but nevertheless it’s something that people seem to think can either hold their attention until something bigger or better releases.
So that’s pretty cool! If you haven’t tried it out already, you can go ahead and try it out for a month for as little as $10. That way if you think it sucks.. just skip McDonalds for the week and you’ll be good.

Black Desert Mobile

This is something I know firsthand that a lot of you guys are anticipating. Black Desert Mobile.
I’ve been getting messages all year asking me to do a video on the South Korean version of the MMO but I’ve held off because I didn’t want to ruin my experience by not fully understanding what was going on.
That’s all changed, though, as last week it was announced that BDO Mobile is not only confirmed to be launching before this year ends, but it has also opened pre-registration for the game.
10 million downloads is what Pearl Abyss claim has already been achieved before launching in the West and there are no doubt a significant portion of you that are going to try it out once it releases over here as well.
I’ll be the first to admit – I’m not a huge fan of mobile games, and especially not mobile MMOs, but Black Desert Mobile is probably the most highly anticipated mobile game of 2019.

Project C

I actually did a video on Project C last week. It’s a brand new upcoming open-world MMO developed with the intention of it being a “persistent world” where players are able to join clans and build societies amongst one another.
As I mentioned in the dedicated video, the team working on it are a self-proclaimed “all star team” comprised of ex-Ubisoft, Valve, Rockstar Games, Guerilla Games and 2K gaming developers.
Whether they still work for the aforementioned companies remains a mystery, but nevertheless, I do want to remind everyone to be very cautious of Project C moving forward.
With an NDA in place, preventing players from releasing any information in the form of screenshots or video, the team have opened up Founder’s Packs for purchase, costing a whopping $150.
This is, again, with no footage, no screenshots, nothing to go off of other than the fact that they’re an “all star team.”
Don’t worry guys. You don’t need to know what the game looks like before purchasing – just send them $150 then you can see for yourself!
To add insult to injury, they’ve also revealed that they’ll be legally selling in-game currency, the one and only currency used to purchase anything in-game for real money.

Project Gorgon

It’s been a while since I talked about Project Gorgon, but here we are. Elder Game, the indie devs behind the game released a large update recently tackling a variety of issues from combat to balancing.
Specifics can be found on their official website, or even their Twitter page but to summarize, they’ve attempted to focus somewhat on providing players with more survivability options and armor set bonuses.
The game is still relatively small, never having really taken off but it managed to find its playerbase, regardless of how large that playerbase ended up being.

Day of Dragons

I wasn’t even aware that this existed until I found its Kickstarter earlier this week, honestly, but there’s a brand new self-titled “Survival MMO” in the works called “Day of Dragons.”
Originally, Day of Dragons had sought a mere $12,000 to make the game but upon completion of the Kickstarter funding, the game made over $530,000 US Dollars.
The game specifically is like ARK or Rust. They take place on player-hosted servers, with multiplayer functionality being available through Steam.
You play as a Dragon – beginning as a little hatchling, requiring sustenance to grow into an adult.
There are various Dragon races that you can play as, and even non-Dragon races if you manage to unlock them.
It’s a very interesting looking game in all honesty.

Ember Sword

Ember Sword is yet another MMORPG I’ve never heard about. And yes, it is an MMORPG, not an MMO.
According to their website, Ember Sword is “THE Modern Sandbox MMORPG!” No lootboxes, completely free-to-play, and quite a variety of epic bosses to fight in a large open-world.
The game offers absolutely no classes whatsoever, but does feature both PvE and PvP modes for players to participate in.
There are a plethora of unique quests, monsters and resources to craft items or sold to other players as part of a player-driven economy.
Yes, the game employs a player-controlled world. I’m a little iffy on that as I’ve never seen it work out well but just because it hasn’t up ’til this point doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t this time.
The goal of the game is to create a sandbox MMORPG that rivals, and then surpasses Albion Online. The game is currently in Pre-Alpha, so it’s a while off before we’re capable of getting in to test it ourselves, but I’m kinda excited!

Dofus Retro

Joining the list of MMOs that are looking to bank on nostalgia, the team behind Dofus have announced “Dofus Retro,” a brand new classic server for the popular MMORPG.
Fans of the old turn-based iteration can log in to the Retro server now and play the very first version – with new servers being added regularly to deal with login queue concerns.
The game is completely free-to-play but offers a subscription pack if you’re interested.


This is the first time I’ve done this.
See, in the past whenever I talk about currently in-development MMOs they’re normally given temporary names like “Project C, V, Z” and whatever other letter of the alphabet the devs feel like using.
This one however, this one has no name. None at all, yet at the same time, the developers, Mainframe Industries have raised over $2.2 million dollars in seed funding.
The developer in question is made up of veteran developers from CCP Games – known for the MMO Eve Online, Next Games and Remedy. Their goal? To make a brand new open-world social sandbox MMO powered from the Cloud.
Not only that, but they have plans on making the very same game cross-play compatible with every single platform. Consoles, mobile, PC. Everything.
This is all the information currently known about the untitled MMO from Mainframe Industries, but it’s interesting that they already have millions of dollars funding for a game they barely have more than a base idea for.

Magic: the Gathering MMO

I think this may be the very first time I’ve ever actually discussed this game in a news segment. Cool!
So over the course of the development on Cryptic’s Magic: the Gathering MMO, the game has experienced various setbacks, long periods of silence and.. a general feeling of uneasiness.
But as of last week, Cryptic revealed that they are in fact hiring character artists, environmental artists, content designers, a producer, and a UI designer.
This is promising news because that means a lot of progress has been made on the game and that it hasn’t been abandoned. Yet, anyway.


I had to include this because I’ve had request after request to do a dedicated video on it. I figure, if I include it in a news video I might get a bit of slack for not having covered it yet.
So a couple weeks back I was contacted about doing a sponsored video on Perfect World’s newest mobile MMO “ReEvolve” and turned it down for the time being. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t interest me.
The game is described as being a mobile sandbox MMO with an “immersive, real-world environment.”
It has a lot of common features for the sandbox survival genre like day and night cycles, alternate forms of weather, crafting, building, farming and the like.
The game actually looks really, really cool. Although the game is undergoing testing in China right now, there is no estimated release date outside of China currently.

Legends of Aria

There’s a lot going on with Legends of Aria right now – most importantly, their recent announcement that they are looking at creating two brand new classes: The Necromancer and Paladin.
Interesting that they are completely opposite class types – one having control over the dead, and the other dealing with life.
Additionally, they’re reworking various PvP features and looking to finish off the rest of the world for players to explore. For those of you that active play the game, what are your thoughts on the two new classes planned, though?

Project Eternal

A little while ago I did a segment on the upcoming Asobimo mobile MMORPG “Project Eternal,” since then, Asobimo have renamed it as merely “Eternal.”
I would like to point out that this isn’t just any ‘ol copy pasted South Korean mobile MMO, no.
It’s a full-fledged, highly likely decent quality Asobimo mobile MMO – which to date have all been pretty damn good in comparison to most others in the niche.
Eternal is beginning pre-registration right now, with a scheduled launch nowhere to be foud for the time being.
It’s highly likely we’ll receive the game over here in the West as we’ve received the majority of Asobimo titles on mobile devices.


Here’s another very interesting one. Who here knows who Raph Koster? Okay, good, nobody else did either, whew.
According to a quick Google search, he’s one of the people behind Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies – two MMOs I’m sure you all know.
Well, the very man himself announced he’d raised almost $3 million dollars in seed funding to build a brand new MMORPG with the goal of delivering “a diverse play experience and enriching world.”
This is all while “bringing together proven features from some of the world’s most popular games in a unique combination that hasn’t been seen before.”
Very bold statement to make considering developers try to make something unique every other week these days.

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    Take a look at rise of nowlin for android, its currently in obt and has only sea server, but its in english tho. i haven’t any site talk about this game yet

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