MMORPG News: New Blade & Soul: Revolution, Upcoming “Atlas” MMO, Crowfall, Pantheon Alpha

New Blade & Soul: Revolution, Upcoming "Atlas" MMO, Crowfall, Pantheon Alpha

Blade & Soul: Revolution

You probably have a recollection of me mentioning Blade & Soul: Revolution a few weeks ago: It’s a mobile port of the popular PC title Blade & Soul.
Well, if you’re interested, then I figure it’s worth noting that Blade & Soul: Revolution has officially launched in South Korea.
Not only did it launch back on December 6th, but it topped the highest grossing free-to-play games list on iOS within 24 hours of its launch. It has held that title for the last 8 days, beating out games like Lineage 2: Revolution and even Black Desert Mobile.
It is doing so well, in fact, that Netmarble, the developer, had to expand the server capacity 4 times thus far to attempt to accommodate all the new players rushing into the game.
Netmarble have promised that Blade & Soul: Revolution would be a faithful spin-off of the original PC title, meaning combat, story and established characters would remain a focal point.
Do note that the game only has access to 4 playable races and classes at present, however additional ones are supposedly being planned for future introduction.

Rohan: Blood Feud

Wiggy just did a video on Rohan: Blood Feud so this is a little.. unusual, I guess, for me. Regardless, though, Rohan is actually launching its “Behold the Abyss!” expansion on December 18th.
This is surprising to me because the game is well over a decade old now and I wasn’t even aware it was populated enough to warrant an expansion. The expansion brings with it various new zones, gear, world bosses, monster types and special Winter events.
If you’re interested in what you see.. go check out Wiggy’s video on it posted a couple days ago.

Conan Exiles

Funcom, the team behind Conan Exiles have announced that they have a new DLC for players to purchase: The Seekers of the Dawn. The DLC focuses on Yamatai, a Japanese-inspired Eastern kingdom and runs at $10 on Steam right now.
Additionally, they noted that they were making an effort to combat exploits, improve optimization and adjust the terrible AI in-game that players continue to complain about.
It’s good to see that Funcom are actually attempting to fix issues, if only a few.


For players interested in the upcoming MMORPG Crowfall, you might be excited to learn that every backer right now has access to the public test server, providing players the ability to experience various continents, capturable territory, building, PvP, seasons and more.
Granted, it is still in pre-alpha state so do make sure to keep this in mind when jumping in-game to try it out.
Crowfall is likely to be, in this current state, a buggy mess but should still provide a semblance of what the game will be like.


Since we’re on the topic of pre-alphas, the team behind Pantheon revealed that they were “bringing together the full Pantheon experience” in what they are dubbing “Project Faerthale” – a full, complete, explorable world.
What this project will show us is – for the very first time, the full, complete world of Pantheon. Not fragmented in any form.
There have been plenty of updates, plenty of the game shown off over the course of the year but now we get to see what the game really has to offer in terms of a large, open world setting.

Final Fantasy XIV

In preparation for Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming “Shadowbringers” expansion launching in Summer 2019, Square Enix, the team behind the popular MMO have unveiled not only the website for the upcoming pre-patch 4.5, but also revealed some of what is to be expected.
The patch introduces the new Blue Mage job for players to level up before the expansion hits, a continuation of the incredibly addictive story, and a new dungeon.
Not much else has been revealed yet, mostly just small teases here and there. Naoki Yoshida will likely reveal additional information on December 21st when the next live letter is released.
This is very exciting news as I’m a huge Final Fantasy XIV fan and cannot wait for Shadowbringers to hit!


The last time we spoke about Gamigo and the games they publish I expressed my distaste and concern for not only the future of their games but also the company itself since they seem to want to purchase publishing rights to MMOs that are on the brink of death.
Not much has really happened on their front yet but there are plans for Christmas events in each of their games, both old and new. Which is good news for players that play on their servers – it’s reassuring knowing their games are not yet dead.
One game in specific I would like to single out though is ArcheAge. All eyes have been on them since Gamigo purchased the game from Trion and it seems as though they’re not really all that interested in doing anything new or exciting.
Snowball fights and packs in the store. Whereas the private server ArcheRage where both Wiggy and I play – along with a large portion of the ArcheAge community are doing something much larger.
Lots of PvE activities, free daily in-game presents, snowman building, Christmas blessings, snowball fights, outfits, and just.. a ton more in-game goodies all ’round. It’s always pleasantly surprising seeing people that care about their game.


Studio Wildcard announced last week that a new pirate-themed MMO was under development; A pirate themed MMO that can hold up to 40,000 concurrent players, no less.
Studio Wildcard is known for their highly successful, if not terribly buggy survival game ARK: Survival Evolved released back on August 29th, 2017.
Atlas had been slated for a launch onto Steam in Early Access on December 13th but has since been delayed until December 19th.
If ARK and this delay is anything to go off of.. then this slight delay is far from the worst thing that could’ve happened, what with the plethora of issues ARK had and still currently has.
“It’s a vast virtual world out there across the Atlas, and the team’s going to use that extra time to review every portion of it thoroughly,” they wrote on Steam. “We’re sorry about the delay, and we know how much everyone is looking forward to establishing their empires!”
The MMO is being touted as an “MMO On the Grandest Scale”, offering players a world 1,200 times larger than ARK’s allowing players to explore every inch of the globe simultaneously.
The game, much like ARK will support an official server and modded servers for players that would prefer not to play alongside large numbers of other players.
In Atlas players will be able to fully construct their very own ship – plank by plank, captain your own crew comprised of other players or AI controlled NPCs, engage in PvP, master a large selection of skills and disciplines, claim territories and tame creatures.
I will say.. I’m very excited, if not.. remaining very cautious, at the same time.

Monster Hunter World

The team behind the incredibly popular Monster Hunter World have surprised fans via Twitter with the announcement that they would be releasing an expansion of monstrous proportions titled “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne” during the Fall of 2019.
They have yet to release much in the way of additional information pertaining to what will actually be included in the expansion, and given that the game is a long ways off yet we have plenty of time to wait before we’re likely to get such information, but, we can confirm that it will include some brand new story, new monsters, equipment, moves and locales.
We all knew we’d be getting additional content but I doubt many people knew it’d be on such a large scale.

Ashes of Creation

Okay, this is one I’ve been pestered to talk about for the last two weeks now.
Over the last several months, Intrepid Studios, the team behind the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation wanted to run a live test on their game so they brainstormed a small-scale Battle Royale mode for players to participate in.
They didn’t have any plan, or plan that I am aware of, of making this Battle Royale mode into its own game.
It was merely a stress test for both the combat, gameplay and PvP in preparation of their inevitable launch. However, the mode achieved such popularity that Intrepid Studios decided it should be made into its own standalone game.
They have titled this new Battle Royale game: Ashes of Creation Apocalypse. Intrepid have plans to release Apocalypse on December 18th as a free-to-play Battle Royale that will have purchasable cosmetic items from the cash shop available to players.
They stated that Apocalypse is a new competitive game linked directly to Ashes of Creation’s world.
It will pit one hundred players against one another in a large instanced Battle Royale mode, with plans of increasing that up to a maximum of 200 players in future castle sieges.
It seems as though Apocalypse has taken precedence for them as it’s the fastest money maker for Intrepid right now, but I don’t see this as them abandoning the Ashes of Creation MMO. Some people believe as such, having already requested refunds for their pledges.
While I feel like this never should have been a focus for the company, I do understand that companies want to make money and getting this out there is the easiest way for them to.
All we can do is hope that this new Battle Royale mode doesn’t delay the MMO too much.

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