MMORPG News: New Aion Class, New Upcoming MMORPG “Traha”, New BDO Class

MMORPG News: New Aion Class, Upcoming MMORPG "Traha", New BDO Class

Finally, a slower week. This is a change of pace I needed. The last month has been filled with 10 to 14 minute news videos absolutely packed with information.
This week, although we have some goodies.. is likely to be significantly shorter.
So, sit back.. or forward if you have bad posture and get ready to rock out with your cock out ladies and gentleman.

Project Gorgon

Let’s kick this off with some limited free releases, yeah? Project Gorgon is a buy to play MMORPG. We all know that. Or, if you didn’t.. now you do. So my point still stands.
The game has had a very positive reception since its release into early access – with over 80% of the players that tried the game out having had a very positive experience.
So, in celebration of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all the other weird holidays that take place in this country, the team behind Project Gorgon are offering players a free demo, and 25% off the price of the game until November 27th.
Eric Heimburg, the lead developer behind Project Gorgon stated that “Project: Gorgon is pretty unusual, and you can’t really tell if it’s going to be your thing until you try it,”
This is the main reasoning behind the free to play trial – although the trial in question will have quite a few restrictions in place to deter abuse.
“I wanted to make sure the demo encompassed more than just the tutorial area, to really give demo users a feel for how the game plays.
So the demo lets players explore Anagoge (the newbie island), Serbule, and Serbule Hills, as well as most of the dungeons in those areas. Demo characters can unlock new skills as usual, and they can raise any of their skills up to level 15.
This gives demo’ers a broad sampling of the game’s content to explore. Once they buy the actual game, demo characters automatically become ‘real’ characters without any restrictions, so it’s quick and painless to transition from the demo to the regular game.
We also worked hard to prevent “demo abuse”.
Since players could theoretically create as many demo characters as they want (limited only by the number of Steam accounts they want to create), there are a lot of potential abuse scenarios, such as harassment, market-manipulation, muling, even power-leveling.
(Power-leveling? Really?! Yes… at least, in limited forms. Imagine someone using a bunch of demo characters to play music for their main character’s garden — that’s technically power-leveling, since music makes plants grow faster!)”
So if you’ve been interested in the game and want to try it out before forking out the $30 for it.. get to it! You have 3 days before the sale ends!

Legends of Aria

Speaking of buy to play MMOs offering free trials, the team behind the upcoming “living, breathing” classic sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria will actually be offering all gamers the ability to trial run their game until midnight of the 26th.
Legends of Aria is being touted as the “spiritual successor to classic MMORPGs”, having a “massive, player-run world in a modern and beautifully realized setting”.
Citadel Studios are promising a “return to a setting where giving the player choice and freedom is paramount” and having a game-world where “hand-holding and gear scores have no place”.
Legends of Aria will be officially launching into Early Access through Steam on December 4th, 2018. Do note that characters will be wiped after this in light of the Head-start period that is beginning on December 3rd.
Also note that I will be in-game recording and will likely have a video for Legends of Aria up next week.

MapleStory 2

Nexon released a blog post recently detailing some large changes coming to MapleStory 2. According to Jungsoo Lee, their goal is to provide players with additional options to “enjoy the variety of experiences the game has to offer”.
Like a lot of MMOs released in todays market, players have found fault with the lack of content to participate in once they reach level cap. So to tackle these issues, Nexon have proposed the following changes:
There will be major changes to gear progression.
Revamps of overall dungeon structures which will in turn enable players to choose which gear to farm, Gear Score requirements for dungeons along with dungeon difficulty are being adjusted.
Various nerfs to dungeon bosses.
New instruments will be added including several from the percussion line
Daily Missions will be adjusted.
Additional Onyx and Chaos Onyx Crystals will now drop.
Maple Arena will be added
Hard Adventure Dungeons are being retooled to allow players to focus on the gear they want to collect for specific slots
and finally there will be several Priest skill changes.
Whether or not this is what you wanted.. too bad. It’s what we’re getting right now.
Also, something of note I believed warranted mention: The lack of end-game content has seen MapleStory drop from upwards of 40,000 concurrent Steam players at launch to barely 10,000 concurrent Steam players today.
Nexon.. content.. please.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online will be holding its very own convention next month on December 1st where they have revealed that they will have various things to share with the community.
New content, specifically, after the Drieghan content patch recently along with the official release details for their new, long-awaited 17th class, the Archer.
Not much else has been alluded to as of yet but we will keep you all updated as soon as information is revealed!


At G-STAR 2018 earlier this month Nexon previewed a large selection of new games. Most of which were mobile unfortunately, this game, specifically, Traha, included.
The game is being developed from the indie studio Moai Games who, strangely, had this to say about their upcoming MMO:
“The development team admitted Traha does not have any particular strength which makes it stand out. They are just concentrating on making a good game and hopes the effort put into Traha will be the differentiating factor.”
Umm.. what? “Our MMO doesn’t have anything that makes it stand out.” Okay, so why are we playing it, then? For real.
The developers also went on to discuss how difficult it was making this game for mobile devices, stating “although technical limitations aren’t as much of an issue, we are still working to improve and simplify combat due to the limitations of mobile devices”
Thank you, Maoi Games, for being honest and real with us here. If only more developers were like this. I mean, this is the kinda developer I can get behind and support. Tell shit like it is, man!
Traha will feature six combat classes that players are able to swap between at any moment by unequipping and equipping the weapon of the class you want, similar to Final Fantasy XIV, along with various non-combat roles like cook, blacksmith, craftsman and explorer.
So.. could be cool. But mobile, so maybe not.


We’re back and ready to talk about Aion this week!
Yes, the game is still receiving updates because Aion is still very popular over in South Korea. Now, NCSoft announced a very interesting new class for Aion this week: The.. Graffiti Artist.
Which is a rough translation. In actual Korean it’s actually.. 채화성 (chaehwaseong.) The new Graffiti class acts as a support class that is modeled after the Bard so expect it to shine mainly in group situations.
Uniquely, however, I didn’t think this was a direction could take. I know that Aion has introduced some.. I guess non-fantasy themed content into the game over time but this.. this is some weird alternative punk theme.
I’m not actually against it – it seems bright, bubbly, and exactly what the game needs to brighten things up, especially when games like League, Overwatch and Fortnite are all colorful and full of life.
The Graffiti Artist wields two magical bracelets that shoot paint. Yup – she’s Spider-woman.. but instead of webs.. she shoots paint. Cool.

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