Mirage Memorial – A Basic Gacha Game

Mirage Memorial - A Basic Gacha Game

“Twenty thousand years have passed since the end of human history, and you are finally awakened, master!
Over 100 beautiful servants who are reincarnated from the DNA of great figures in history have gathered together with courage and hope.
Now, please lead your servants to re-open the Time Gate to crusade against Lucifer and save Mirage Memorial! In the meantime, your bond with the servants is officially formed…”

Or so the description reads. And honestly it isn’t wrong. You do get to lead a group of historical figures into battle, and it’s pretty damn cool.


Mirage Memorial is a super cute Anime-inspired Gacha game.
It has hundreds of servants you can summon and field in battle, but it has a little twist. Instead of the heroes being deployed alone, they go into battle with mercenaries: weaker, unnamed little NPC allies that aid their masters.
It’s a weird little addition to the combat but it isn’t unwelcome.
The game has a very large focus on story – but I feel like, having played over 50 mobile games over the last year I can safely say that almost every single mobile game I’ve played has a strong focus on story.
Granted, over half of them have been highly generic, almost impossible to understand Engrish. But nevertheless, they’re still packed with story.. just a story you’ll never be able to really figure out.
Thankfully Mirage Memorial is well localized, offering great quality English translations.


Combat was pretty basic. It played out automatically in real-time with the option of manually selecting your skill – which isn’t really so much a skill as it is a.. well.
Okay, so it’s a skill.. but you only have one of them, and they don’t have a name. So while it technically functions like a skill.. it’s not called one, you can’t level it up and you can’t learn more.
That I’m aware of anyway. But for the most part it’s complete auto. They also recommend playing on 2x speed, which to this day I still don’t understand.
Why do devs try and get you to fast-forward through their game? Why not either just make the game faster, take less effort, or.. well, not offer it.
As while it’s handy, I don’t see the point in skipping everything as fast as you can.


Unfortunately there’s no character creation. With graphics as good as these I feel like it’d be possible to make something really freakin’ epic but.. alas, outside of MMOs or simulation games, this is pretty much a no-go. Ever.
But that’s alright because instead of character creation, we possess the ability to play as possibly one of the most adorable characters to have ever appeared in a mobile RPG.
And holy crap the women in this game look absolutely crazy. By far some of the best character models I’ve come across. Easily top 5.


Mirage Memorial is a flashy game with a lot of entertaining content to partake of.
Yes, the game is a little more auto-everything than I’d like but it isn’t so much so that I have nothing else to do.
It looks great, it has fantastic character models, fluid combat and great looking abilities. But at the same time it grew pretty repetitive.
I feel like there are much better games to play if you’re interested in story or combat, but if you’re looking for a waifu collector.. this is a great choice. You should definitely add this to your collection.

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