MIR4 is a Pathetic Attempt at an MMORPG – The Worst Release of 2021

MIR4 is the Worst MMORPG Release of 2021

Back in September I did a video titled “MIR4 is the WORST New MMORPG Release of 2021.” Admittedly – and I have no issue admitting when I’m wrong or where I’m at fault – I did not put remotely close to enough time into the game to be able to make that kind of statement.
Especially given that I was unaware you could earn real money from the game – which is the main attraction for many players and the source of its success.
However as of today, December 22nd, I have been playing it every single day since the middle of October. Almost 2 entire months. So that I can do an updated video with my updated thoughts on it. To address the game and retract my statement if I was wrong.

So after 2 entire months in the game, what have I learned?

MIR4 is a very deep, complex, contrastingly different type of MMORPG than we’re used to.” That’s what I’d like to say. The reality of it is however that MIR4 is a laughably mediocre mobile game with a horrendous PC port.
The first few days spent in-game weren’t bad. I auto-pathed from objective to objective. I was required to click to complete quests and further the story. The game auto-played for me. Engaged enemies in auto-combat. It was the very definition of a mobile game.
When I mentioned this in my first video, I received countless comments saying “try saying that again above level 40 LOL” and you know what? I’m currently making my way to level 45 as of today, and I can say with 100% certainty… with the exception of story-related boss fights, the game is still auto-playable.
Maybe it’s because I have higher Combat Power than I’m supposed to at this level. I did spend about $100 in-game to get currency to purchase much better gear from the marketplace. That wasn’t because I was having difficulty with encounters, though, but rather my dailies were taking me too long to complete.

What MIR4 is, essentially, is a daily simulator. You have a set number of dailies you can auto-complete per day. 30 to be specific. With each quest being repeatable 3 times, it provides the option of taking and completing 10 daily quests per day.
From what I’ve gathered, people just take the Darksteel quests to maximize the amount of Darksteel they can earn. As noted earlier, the main appeal of this game is the fact that you can actually make real life money in-game.
You can either mine Darksteel, or acquire it via other means like dailies. You then exchange the Darksteel you farmed, and bam. It’s essentially a job now. People actually run multiple accounts simultaneously to maximize the amount of money they can earn per day.

All of this is, once again, done on auto-pilot. You take all 10 repeatable daily missions, you set yourself to auto-farm the monsters, and you come back a couple hours later to reap the rewards.


So when I noted in my first video on MIR4 that everything was auto-pilot, I had a lot of people complain.
On the one hand, they complained that I hadn’t delved deep enough into the game to fully grasp the true difficulty it provides, and that after level 40 I’d really “feel it.” After hitting level 44, I do not in any way feel any rapid increase in difficulty.
I’m fully expecting players to now say that level 40 isn’t high enough to experience the difficulty, and I need to hit some new magic number to justify their defense of the game.
They argued that this game is actually an incredible game because you can make money off of it. Let’s discuss that for a moment, then.

Yes, you can make money off of the game. But if an MMO – if a game is an atrocious experience without the ability to make money off of it, introducing a way to make money off of it doesn’t suddenly make the game a great game.
On the contrary, it’s just as bad as before, the only difference is now you have motivation to play it.
It doesn’t matter if you could make a million dollars per year playing this game. One single aspect of the game would be good, but a single positive facet of a game doesn’t make a game good. If everything else is terrible, it’s still a terrible game.
Sure, some people make $100 per day off of MIR4. But you know what their argument was? “I log in and set the game to farm for me, earning x dollars per day.”
That is legitimately the argument from all of these “players,” as to why they believe this game is as good as it is.
No. This game isn’t even a game. It’s an interactive marketplace, that’s it. Nobody is “playing” this game. Hundreds of the comments, hundreds of the people hating on the video I did calling out how bad the game was even admitted to this.


In 44 levels, in 2 months of playing every day I haven’t ever been more bored.
Every morning I would log in, claim my daily premium since I paid for it, set my character to accept the 10 most difficult dailies that would reward me with the most Darksteel, and would leave the game for a few hours. I’d occasionally be required to go back to the town to replenish my stock of MP potions as I run out fairly quickly.
But I think that’s about as much interaction I had on a daily basis. Sure, there’s a semblance of a story present. I’m not denying that there are actual things to do outside of the Darksteel and Combat Power grind, but who actually takes the time to do it?

Again, this is not a good MMORPG. Just because you can make money off of it doesn’t suddenly make it a good MMORPG. Everything about this game screams “atrociously cheap,” from the graphics, to the combat, to the narrative.
This is a cheap, rushed piece of garbage that just so happens to allow you to make some money by not playing it.
And I know this is going to trigger a lot of fans of the game because they’re going to hear that and come running to its defense. The more people play it after all, the more money they have the potential to make.
They don’t want this money making machine to decline. It’s easy money. Heck, I’m of a level high enough to even make money off of trading Darksteel. I’ve chosen not to because I rather use it upgrade my gear, but I could just as easily as anyone else.

Overall, after having played for 2 months, I can say that I was wrong. A few of the boss fights I engaged in required my actual attention. If I didn’t dodge the AoEs, I would’ve died. Repeatedly.
Outside those few boss fights, the game was complete auto-play and required no real attention or interaction from me.
Yet while I was wrong on that one single aspect of my initial impression of the game, everything else I claimed holds true 2 months later.
This is the worst new MMORPG release of 2021. It’s worse than Swords of Legends Online. It’s worse than PSO2 New Genesis. It’s worse than Elyon. Heck, it’s worse than Bless Unleashed.
If your goal is to play a fun, enjoyable MMORPG, I’d strongly urge you to avoid this. If you want to earn some money out of a game, however.. then this might be worth looking into. Because while this is a truly terrible MMORPG, it’s not half bad to make some money off of.

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    Antoinette Hines Reply
    Dec 23, 2021 @ 15:13 pm

    Why don’t you tell Wemade?

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