Mir 4 is a Brand New Upcoming Mobile MMORPG!

Mir 4 is a Brand New Upcoming Mobile MMORPG!

Here’s a title that was just brought to my attention: Mir 4. I know, I know. Another MMORPG. They seem to be all the craze these days, right?
Unlike most South Korean fantasy MMOs, Mir 4 takes place in a very different, historical setting – something I rarely see done in Asia even though they have such rich history and lore.

There are 2 reasons I wanna talk about Mir 4 today. First, it’s a brand new upcoming Mobile MMO that I’ve never talked about before and think it looks like something we should all be made aware of.
And second, pre-registration is currently open for the South Korean version of the game, with it already topping a million pre-registrations within South Korea alone.
I know you guys know how to get around these mobile pre-registration restrictions, so I’m just letting you know that you can definitely go about doing so if you want to jump on in-game and play it before its inevitable international release, because you know there’ll be one.
These Asian mobile games ALWAYS have an international release because we’re all huge suckers for them!

A brand new trailer for the game was released earlier this week and I gotta say – it doesn’t look bad. That’s how I feel about most games when I see them though and then I’m ultimately proven otherwise, but that doesn’t stop me from having hope that one of these games will end up turning out as good as they look.
But for those of you wondering what Mir 4 is: This is an MMO that has been in development hell for… 4 years now? 5 years? It was initially expected to release years ago before getting caught up in legal issues and development ceasing all together.
After which they rebranded the game to “Mir 4,” and completely reworked the entire game. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping they did. If this is an MMO that has mechanics from 2016.. it’s going to do terribly, I guarantee you.
Mobile MMOs, although they don’t technically innovate much have still come quite a ways over the last 4 to 5 years, so this would be a huge step backwards.

The official description reads “Mir 4 is an MMORPG. Take up weapons and defeat evil. But how can you tell the difference between justice and crime? Create a new world with heroes who have the same goals as you!”
This is an MMO that is.. honestly pretty similar to what we already have out there. It’s a very martial-arts themed game with a lot of flying through the air, great looking graphics, PvP. You know. What you’d expect out of a game like this.
Am I excited? Kinda. I’m always happy to see new MMOs under development, even if they’ve been under development for 5 years.
I do think the game looks really good aesthetically, but how well it actually plays once it launches is another thing all together.

Regardless, I feel like we’ll know soon enough how good or bad the game is, right?

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    Zam Reply
    Sep 28, 2020 @ 1:57 am

    Legend of Mir 2 was and still is one of the best isometric mmos. Officially only in KR atm but this Mir 4 looks nothing like Mir 2 and 3.

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