MapleStory’s February 2021 “Moonlight Magic” Update Brings With it a Fun Time!

MapleStory's February 2021 "Moonlight Magic"

When was the last time you saw anyone other than hardcore Maplers talk about MapleStory? I think the last time I even discussed the game was way back when they shut down MapleStory 2 last year, much to the dismay of the general population. But seeing as the MapleStory IP is one of Nexon’s largest money-makers, it stands to reason why it’s still as actively updated as it is.


Even after the closure of MapleStory 2, Nexon has continued to remain committed to their game, introducing a plethora of new content for players to partake of. New dungeons, new classes, new events. Today, however, we’re here to discuss their newest “Moonlight Magic” update that brings with it various mini-games – something that MapleStory does incredibly well, and runs through ’til March 9th.

These updates consist of activities like the Fairy Bros’ Golden Giveaway, Superior Engraved Gollux Pendant Exchange Extension, [Legion Arena] Spoils for the Victors and Spell Trace Fever Time.

There have also been additional balance changes made to the game – something that the game sorely needed – well, something the game always seems to need, so while, yes, this update didn’t really include much in the way of new content, it’s worth noting that it brings with it a lot of fun little side-activities.

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