Maple Story 2 – Open Beta Launching By September 21st! (CN) – Will You Be Playing?

So this is a quick video to inform you guys that Maple Story 2 Is launching it’s open beta in China, and you’ll be able to play it no matter the country, so long as you have a QQ account.

Now here is the guide for how to register for a QQ, I will make a more in-depth one very soon, in case you run into trouble!

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    angelos says:
    so , afterl lvl 30 u can engage in fight with the opposing faction, but... what about with your own ...
  • author image
    Bryan gallardo says:
    Ps4version fast...
  • author image
    Inigo Maio says:
    I got tired of MMORPGs that were based on the same model as WoW, Runescape, Metin, Lineage etc... an...
  • author image
    Nelly says:
    Waiting for it since 2016. so excited :D...
  • author image
    Rapthorne says:
    Not with this patch, but all Tera classes will be getting Apex skills in the near future :)...