Mahou Arms is a Promising Upcoming Action Dating Sim

Mahou Arms is a Promising Upcoming Action Dating Sim

You guys have been leaving comments for a while ever since I did my first League of Maidens video. “Do a video on Mahou Arms! You absolutely HAVE TO!”
The need to do a video on this game became even more evident after doing a video on Wild Life, Subverse, and Monster Girl Island. Every video I did on games in this genre left you guys wanting more and more.
It is with that in mind that I went on over to the Mahou Arms Patreon page, made a $5 pledge – yes, you can get the full version for a $5 pledge only. Actually, you can get it for a $1 pledge.
But I went with the $5 one because it comes uncensored and has a more updated build of the game. So, again, I went on over to Patreon and made the Pledge and then proceeded to download the game to try out for myself.

Mahou Arms is an upcoming lewd Magical Girl hack & slash action combat dating simulation game created by a 3-man team. You have control over various different Magical Girls and lead them into battle against evil aliens.
Well, they say they’re evil but all I’ve seen them do is melt your clothing. That doesn’t really seem evil to me. That seems kinda perverse, sure. Evil? Iunno. On that note, yes, they can actually melt the gear you have equipped.
It doesn’t break the gear in question, but rather the physical appearance of your gear continues to break down the more damage you take. I’ve seen this in several games I’ve played in the past and it’s an interesting feature.
Especially for those of us with.. uh, y’know. Sophisticated tastes. After your Magical Girls return from battle, you can take them on dates – yes, actual dates.
No specifics have been given as to where exactly you can take them but according to the Patreon page, you’ll be able to do “lewd things” with them. So I feel like this is right up a lotta your guys’ alley.

Paperbag, the main guy behind Mahou Arms has described inspiration from the game as being a mixture of various other hack & slash games like NieR: Automata, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry.

Mahou Arms will consist primarily of mission based content.
You’ll have main story missions, side missions and a third mission type that according to the team behind the game is currently a work in progress, but will likely be randomly generated missions.
The end of each story-related mission will feature large bosses to fight, resulting in freeing the city – or area – of alien subjugation.

After freeing the area, it will become part of the GARDA jursidiction. Although I have no idea what GARDA stands for, it’s the organization you’re a part of.
You have your own headquarters with a map of alien activity, and are capable of participating in various activities while inside.
You can deploy Magical Girls on missions, you can spend time with some of your future harem, you can take them out on dates, train, research new skills or gear, build and expand the headquarters, recruit new members.
There are tons of things you can do and it’s actually pretty damn awesome.

The game offers realtime gameplay, with an emphasis on combos. From the gameplay I experienced while playing, combat was pretty simple. You had heavy attacks and light attacks bound to your left click and your right click.
Each Magical Girl has their own unique fighting style with their own weapons associated with them, and therefore gameplay changes depending on who you play as.
I got to experience the scythe wielding badass with the cute pantsu, and then the chick with the gun.
There’s aerial combat, ground-slamming potential, and.. I’m sure a lot more is planned as they make additional progress through the game’s development.

Most importantly, as I mentioned.. twice? Maybe three times already, there’s the dating sim element of the game. You’re the commander, and you therefore have your pick of any soldier under your command.
Or, at least that’s how this world functions. But it’s not that simple as you need to raise the affection levels of the girls by offering her gifts, taking her out to lunch, on general dates and even sparring.
Yes, some girls are into that. I’ve never met any but they apparently exist in this warped reality.
Finally, with relation to the Magical Girls.. yes, like in Subverse, like in Monster Girl Island, like in Wild Life, you’ll be capable of.. you know.
Doing some hot yoga. Having some adult naptime. Engaging in some aggressive cuddling. Participating in a pants-off dance-off.

I think the game has the potential to be really awesome.
Currently there isn’t a whole lot to test. There are two separate stages you can play through, there’s some story and the combat is still a little.. clunky but nevertheless it’s a step above a bunch of MMOs I’ve played.
For a 3-man team this looks promising. I was having fun messing up some alien.. uhh, maids? stewardesses? Whatever those things were.
Maybe you guys will too.

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