Mad World – What is the Upcoming MMORPG?

Mad World - What is the Upcoming MMORPG?

One might consider me a little “mad” to have waited this long to do a video on Mad World, but you know what? I’ve been busy. And I forgot about it – with good reasoning. There’s been hardly any news on the game all year, with the team behind the upcoming MMORPG being pretty much silent for the vast majority of it.
But last week they finally came out and released an update regarding the game’s release schedule – and that it’s still slated to come out this year, 2020. With this in mind, I wanted to go ahead and cover the game as this is the perfect opportunity to.
Mad World is an upcoming MMO coming out before the year ends after all and I bet you guys are looking for a new game as much as any of us!

So what is Mad World? An upcoming MMORPG that boasts a unique, completely hand-drawn, dark, gritty art style presented in a 2D isometric perspective, much like you’d find in games like Lost Ark, Project TL or even Path of Exile.
This art style is used to illustrate a grim-dark post-apocalyptic world filled with grotesque creatures, mutated Humans and a lack of any form of society.
Mad World offers competitive PvP environments for players to partake of if they’re interested in that aspect of the game, and various PvE-related elements as well, such as dynamic boss encounters out within the world, raiding for players that would rather competitive PvE and a story that encompasses the bleak world you’re now a part of.

Speaking of PvE and PvP though, the combat from what I’ve seen actually looks pretty solid. I’ve seen large-scale battles, both mounted and on foot and the combat, which is an isometric action type of combat looks pretty damn good.
This is a game that utilizes a very unique, very specific graphical style, so you can’t expect combat or abilities akin to something out of Blade & Soul or Black Desert, but the effects mesh brilliantly with the world they’ve built and fit the game style perfectly.
Naturally, considering this is an MMO, you’d expect a broad selection of classes to be found. However classes are interestingly absent.
Instead, players’ – I’m gonna go ahead and say “play style” here as opposed to “class” is dependent on what weapon they have equipped, with every weapon allowing for a completely separate combat style including abilities specific to the weapon type.
Players will have to choose the style they want to play as and farm weapons of that type exclusively, but also learn to adapt to other styles of play in the chance they find a much better weapon than what they have equipped.
At the same time this means that every player will serve a purpose, and be capable of providing and filling a role that is necessary for the team. It’s as simple as swapping weapons after all.
While there will no doubt be large dynamic boss encounters spread throughout the world, there are other types of non-combat related activities to engage in.
You can farm, you can hunt, there are, obviously, quest available to take and complete – but that’s all that’s been expanded on thus far.

Mad World is going to feature a large world to explore, but it’ll be explorable much like Guild Wars 2 or Final Fantasy XIV: You’ll be able to traverse between large, segregated zones that are split off from one another by a small loading screen.
This doesn’t mean the game is instanced though as you’ll find hundreds of other players around the world actively participating in world boss fights, quests and generally farming for.. er, stuff.
I just hope that there’s enough to actually warrant going out into the world and doing other than “fighting world bosses,” and it’s a little disconcerting that I don’t see much in the way of info pertaining to dungeons or raids other than “they’ll be there.”

This is an MMO that is being built on HTML5, which means that not only can you play on your PC, but you can play on a browser without the need for installation, including mobile devices, console platforms and anything else that has browser support.
Not only will it feature large-scale cross-platform compatibility – and before you guys say anything, yes, this game is being built first and foremost for PC, every other platform will merely be “compatible,” but it’ll also be completely free-to-play.
Yes, the upcoming Mad World MMO is going to adopt a free-to-play business model with microtransactions. I know, I know. “But Stix, that means the game will be pay-to-win,” and you know what? That’s definitely plausible. Most free MMOs are pay-to-win in some capacity.
We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Mad World though. Maybe they’ll surprise us, who knows.

Regardless, I’ve been excited to see how this turns out for a while now. And knowing that it’s supposedly right around the corner in terms of releasing is promising news!

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