Mabinogi – This Anime MMORPG Is Still So.. Unique!

By the request of you lovely Bytelings, we did another part of Mabinogi! Not that it’s a chore to play it or anything. Mabinogi is fun to play even if it’s slow.
Like what happens most of the time we play this MMORPG, we generally run around, talking to NPC’s and barely complete any quests!

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    Megan says:
    I've watched almost all of your Bless streams. I very much enjoy your sense of humor and your abilit...
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    david trabucco says:
    gotta love posting a review but not even tell people WHERE and Who its from....
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    I have been watching your reviews for sometime now because im am interested in what games are worth ...
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    Rapthorne says:
    Kritika Online is now available Free to Play from EnMasse:
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    Pratyush says:
    I want beta key...