Mabinogi Gets Its First Talent Update In 3 Years, “Chain of Destruction”

Mabinogi: Chain of Destruction Update Adds New Talent

The ever-eternal Anime inspired MMORPG, Mabinogi, is finally getting a large new update – specifically targeting its talent system – the first update of this nature since July 2014. The new Chain of Destruction update allows players to gain possession of, and wield the new “Chain Blade” weapon, a weapon that consumes power – dark energy, as it were, from fallen enemies to unleash incredibly devastating attacks.

Eiren - The Sealed Hero

The Chains of Destruction update features a new hero, Eiren, an Ace Hero sealed away deep inside a dungeon. Being the only person that can sense her due to your dormant Sluagh spirit, you are required to awaken – and release Eiren from her imprisonment.

Additional Content

The Chain Slash talent features over 10 new skills for players to use and abuse, while adding the new Baltane Mission – requiring the player to protect the Avalon Gate alongside the Baltane Squires, along with Dorcha and Bachram, and several new systems.

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