Lost Ark Officially Launches Into Open Beta

Lost Ark Officially Launches Into Open Beta

Lost Ark has been many an MMORPG fans most anticipated MMO for years. The game is absolutely stunning – has 12 unique playable classes and is probably the best looking MMOARPG on the horizon.

So you can imagine our surprise to learn that the Korean open beta begun its testing period earlier this week on November 7th – and reportedly saw login queues as high as 17,000. Players saw no wipe from the closed beta, and players that got into the beta test were free from any forms of NDA.

“You can now play the game anytime, as the servers are 24/7 and there is no wipe. Also, no NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) you can freely stream the game. If you have questions regarding the game, you could ask them in comments.”

Beta testers had various, rather mixed feelings on the game thus far with some players complaining it wasn’t anything special – comparing it to games like Diablo III, and others claiming the game was beautiful and immense fun.

According to the developer behind the game, Smilegate is planning English localization with the next patch – so players that are currently looking to get in should be able to have a more sound understanding of the game in the near future.

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Do note that Lost Ark is free to play and will remain free to play. For players located outside of South Korea, such as the United States (like myself) or Europe to opt into the open beta, you will need a Korean account, registered with a Korean phone number + a Korean social security number. If you have a friend that lives in South Korea you can ask them to register for you, or you can even find them online for approximately $30.

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    Raegart Reply
    Nov 11, 2018 @ 22:00 pm

    Any specific website you trust for buying one of those korean accounts?

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