Lost Ark Goes Into Open Beta

Lost Ark Goes Into Open Beta

Smilegate, the team behind Lost Ark recently held a media conference in Seoul, South Korea, and had a nice little tidbit to announce.. Lost Ark will finally be launching into open beta – albeit, naturally, it will be releasing in South Korea exclusively. But, that is still a start!

Lost Ark has an official launch slated for November 7th, 2018, so long as no issues arrive. Smilegate have also outlined additional content patches stating that new classes, regions, islands to explore, visual improvements, and optimization improvements are all in the likely and should be expected moving into the future. The content patches will take the form of “Seasons”, which are large-content updates, “Episodes”, which are are smaller-content updates, and finally, basic, general patches.

Lost Ark NA / EU Release

Although they have not confirmed a Western release, and a Western release is likely very far off, players are still able to try the game out through creation of a South Korean account. Do note though that the game will be completely in Korean as no translations, official or unofficial are planned currently.

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