Lord of The Rings Online Celebrates 11 Years of Service

Happy Birthday, LOTRO!

Lord of The Rings Online is celebrating it’s 11th year online this month, and with that milestone comes another tier in their recurring Anniversary Event. Lord of The Rings Online’s patch 22.1 ushers in the celebrations, which start April 19th.

The following is taken from the Official Forum Post:

Players will receive three additional Treasure Hunt cards focusing on the history of the game and core themes from Lord of the Rings when the event begins at 10:00 AM Eastern on Thursday, April 19th. Additionally, all player progress earned during LOTRO’s 10th Anniversary remains in place, so players can continue their celebration. All previous years’ quests are available immediately, but players will need to complete a prior quest before getting the next one.

On top of the anniversary event, any players who have been a part of LOTRO’s journey from the start will also be eligible to receive an 11-year giftbox and title. If you’re eligible for this gift, don’t feel like you need to rush to claim it – It’s available until March 31st 2019. Yes, 2019, that’s not an error!

Here's Hoping For Many More Years To Come!

It’s strange to think that so many of the MMORPG’s I played as a teenager are at double digit anniversaries now. I hope LOTRO celebrates many more years to come.

What games do you play, or used to play, that are still around? Did you expect them to last as long as they have? Leave a comment below!

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