Looking for a Unique MMORPG? A Tale in the Desert May be for You!

Looking for a Unique MMORPG? A Tale in the Desert May be for You!

This is perhaps one of the most unique MMOs of all time. So before you click away.. take a few minutes to learn why that is.
Now I did a video on A Tale in the Desert back in.. 2017? I think. Maybe it was 2018, my memory isn’t what it once was.
But I didn’t get very far and didn’t understand the game.. at all.
So. Fast forward to 2019, I read that they were releasing their brand new Tale – Tale 9, which is a complete wipe of the game and a re-launch with new features and new things to accomplish – what better time is there to jump in?

As I stated, one of the most unique MMOs I’ve ever played.. and I’ve played almost all of them.
I know you guys are often looking for something special – something innovative, something truly unique.. and I believe A Tale in the Desert might be that game.
See, unlike most MMOs that have an emphasis on combat – because we’ve been lead to believe that MMOs need combat, A Tale in the Desert has a large focus on a variety of social activities providing the basis for the game.
And by “a large focus,” I mean that the game doesn’t actually have combat at all. Instead, you work together with the community to build up and craft your very own life.. while supporting the other members of your faction.
Factions play a large part in the grand scheme of things. They allow you access to new building options, public work projects and even allow for participation in community events.
Over time, you’ll gain the ability to become a Faction Elder – giving you the power to expel members from your faction or even invite members of another faction to convert!
Your life in Egypt is finite though, as every Tale has a limited duration. See, A Tale in the Desert offers both a foregame, midgame and endgame.
On average, each Tale lasts a grand total of 18 months, after which the game ends and the next Tale begins. Each Tale bringing with it new features that are often made at the request of the playerbase.

I played the game over the weekend and I gotta say, it definitely doesn’t hold your hand.
I’d forgotten what that was like with MMOs these days all either auto-pathing you to your quest objective or highlighting exactly what you need to do as to not provoke any thought or problem solving ability from the player.
Instead, I was told things like “find a rock near the water,” which took me.. probably 20 minutes to do because all I saw were plants. I didn’t know I had to click something on my screen to loot it!
Then things like “craft a blade from the skill menu” and not telling me that the skill menu was actually accessed by right clicking my person, as opposed to the skill menu at the top left of the navigation menu.
So, things like this.. things like this made me think and engage the community for help. Some of the quests took me forever to come to the conclusion of what I needed to do while others the community helped with.
This kind of difficulty is something I don’t see in newer MMOs and something I sorely miss. I guess that’s part of the reason why Classic WoW has done so well for itself since launching.

Since Tale 9 just launched the playerbase is at its peak – I logged in and saw at least 30 different players running around participating in the newbie area like I was.
New players were spawning in at least every other minute, with current players building their cart and leaving the newbie zone, to make a life for themselves in Egypt.
I’ll admit, when I booted the game up I did not in expect the game to have so many people playing it – nor did I expect to see so many new players logging in after I had created my character.
The community is actually pretty damn large and that’s refreshing to see as the game really is a unique little gem that a lot of people have overlooked.

I played through the game over the entire weekend, recording footage up to being able to begin your journey in Egypt so players are capable of experiencing everything their new life has to offer themselves, without spoilers.
I had a lotta fun. I went in expecting to feel a little.. bored, I guess, with a lack of combat but what I was greeted with instead was engaging, thought provoking gameplay.
An MMO that had me think about what I needed to do and actually use my brain, or the experience of the community, at least, to make progress.
This is the kind of innovation I wish we had in MMO development right now. This is the kind of game I wish developers would take a risk and try to make.
We don’t need the tried-and-true, already-established style of MMOs that have been failing over the last 10 years. We need something interesting – something different.

A Tale in the Desert is an MMO that has you progress over the course of a finite life providing you an end to every playthrough with thousands of other players.
The game constantly reinvents itself to remain fresh and offer players a constant incentive to keep playing whilst never allowing the experience to grow stagnant.

A Tale in the Desert is different. It’s unique. If you have yet to try the MMORPG out then you are definitely missing out.
Yes, it isn’t for those of you that need to kill things. It’s for those of you that just want something new and to experience something they haven’t before.
What else could you want out of a new game?

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