Lineage2M Global Closed Beta Pre-Registration is Open!

Lineage2M Global Pre-Registration is Open!

Typically I wouldn’t dedicate time to create a post here pertaining to the pre-registration of a mobile MMO, but I feel as though I’m obligated to given that NCSoft have confirmed this is going to be fully cross-platform compatible for both PC and mobile devices via their Purple Platform.

Lineage2M is the latest of seemingly hundreds of Lineage MMO titles was revealed to be releasing over here in the West – and, actually, 28 other countries around the world.
Yup, 29 simultaneous launches worldwide, which goes to show how much faith they have in the Lineage intellectual property.

According to NCSoft, they have plans on holding a Closed Beta for PC players via the Purple Platform on November 1st, with players already being capable of pre-registering.
So if you’re interested in that… well, you’re in luck, as I have a direct link to the pre-registration page. Simply click the link below, fill out the required information to become a Beta tester, and you’ll be on the right track to playing Lineage2M in no time!

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    Edwin Marcelino Reply
    Dec 4, 2021 @ 23:33 pm

    Good game

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