Lineage 2M Could Actually be a Good Mobile MMORPG…

Lineage 2M Could Actually be a Good Mobile MMORPG...

Like, hear me out for a minute here. I know a lotta you guys have probably played through Lineage or Lineage 2 at one point or another. I’m sure a lotta you have also played Lineage 2: Revolution as well.
This however, this is regarding Lineage 2M – a mobile recreation of the Lineage 2 MMO that released onto PC in 2002.
In September, a press event was held for Lineage 2M – where it was revealed that the game would be releasing in South Korea at the end of this year.
Now, it has since been confirmed to have a release date of November 27th – or at the very least it states as such on the official website.
Again, this will be releasing in South Korea on November 27th with no confirmed release date for North America or Europe as of this moment.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t play it. Tons of us played through Black Desert Mobile when it launched in South Korea, and likewise, with the right emulator we can play this as well.
And you’ll probably want to.

NCSoft have promised that unlike Lineage 2: Revolution, which is a Lineage game in name only, Lineage 2M will be an accurate remake of the Lineage 2 PC game.
They’re sparing no expense in providing us as faithful of an adaptation as they can – and I’m grateful of that.
I know that certain aspects of the game are no doubt going to be required to be altered to fit the mobile scene – I’m under no illusion that the game will be different.
But I’m hoping that they’re aware enough to know that we don’t want another copy>pasted mobile game like Lineage 2: Revolution. We want something good, something actually worthy of the Lineage name.
I’ve played quite a few mobile games since having begun this channel. Some good, some average, and some terrible.
Only a few have ever really caught my eye – as most mobile games are a convoluted mess of cluttered UIs, auto-play and.. are literally a clone of every other title in the genre.
While I can’t in any way confirm that Lineage 2M will offer us something that doesn’t follow that formula, from what I’ve seen posted around online, it looks to be a pretty solid title.
Plus, it’s being built with the new Purple platform in mind – an in-house emulator developed specifically for Lineage 2M that will be the first step going forward in making mobile games cross-play compatible with PCs by default, something I think is truly necessary going into the future.
Both for PC MMOs and Mobile MMOs alike. Not only will it garner additional revenue for developers but it’ll breathe additional life into every single game.

Lineage and Lineage 2 are still widely successful and still popular within South Korea.
Both games still have healthy playerbases in the West as well, numbering in the tens of thousands of active players. And even though Lineage 2: Revolution wasn’t the Lineage game we all wanted, it has since gone on to make well over $1 billion dollars already.
That is significantly more than the vast majority of PC MMOs, and PC games, even. Do I think we need more mobile games, or mobile MMOs?
I’m of the opinion that in this day and age, when every developer wants to get into the mobile market, we’re much more in need of quality mobile games and quality mobile MMOs.
But then again my thoughts are pretty similar with regards to PC games and PC MMOs as well, so this isn’t exclusive to mobile devices. Lineage M was popular and Lineage 2: Revolution was beyond popular.
Lineage 2M looks like it’ll end up a faithful adaptation of Lineage 2, much in the way Lineage M was, so this ultimately might work out well.
I have high hopes that it will because it’ll be the first game released for the new Purple platform and if that ends up less than stellar.. well it’ll be a step in the wrong direction.
I believe that if PC gamers are ever going to fully accept, or even tolerate mobile gamers, especially with regards to mobile MMOs, cross-play like this is going to be necessary, and this is a great first step.

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