Lineage 2: Revolution Introduces New “Offline Mode”

Lineage 2: Revolution Introduces New "Offline Mode"

This is perhaps one of the weirdest things I’ve seen done in an MMO. Who here plays Lineage 2: Revolution? Well, even if you don’t, I’m sure you’ve at least tried it at one point or another, as it’s one of the highest grossing mobile games in the world.
Well.. see, traditionally when you play mobile games, you physically play them. I mean yeah, you have auto-play features but even so, you still play them in some form or fashion.
But Lineage 2: Revolution had a new feature introduced last week that allows for players to continue playing.. offline.
Well not you physically. A brand new “Offline Mode” was added to allow your character themselves to continue adventuring, continue battling all on their own, without any need for you to even log in.
Yup – so you’ll be free to do whatever else you want to do throughout the day, ’cause you aren’t going to need to log in and play it.

The one redeeming feature regarding this new game mode is that you will be capped at 120 minutes per day – well, at least at the base.
See, you’ll be able to actually earn additional offline play time through various activities like daily quests, hunting and item benefits, and even Diamonds. Time will be added in increments of 60 minutes each.
However, you’ll need to actually get in-game and purchase those from the in-game store. Offline Mode is an interesting addition, as once you activate it your game completely closes.
However, your character will continue to consume potions while logged out, so you’re going to want to make sure you have a surplus of potions on-hand as otherwise you’ll log in.. dead. Which will be a huge waste of time.
Thankfully, the game will send you notifications if you begin to run low on potions.

I’ve never been a fan of auto-play in my mobile games as I believe the key to a successful game, and moreso a mobile game that is accepted by non-mobile fans won’t employ any form of auto-play.
But making it possible to spend hours worth of your day with your own character AFK-playing so you don’t have to.. that’s an interesting direction to take your game.
I think it’s the wrong direction to take the game honestly, as soon there will be less people playing than people logging in and the game will be mostly compromised of AI killing AI…
I dunno. That just sounds silly to me. But then again I’m still new to the mobile genre, maybe this is something a lotta you are interested in having in a game?

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