League of Maidens Release Date? Early Access is Coming in 2020!

League of Maidens Release Date? Early Access is Coming in 2020!

I’ve been reporting on League of Maidens since June 2019 and let me tell you, the sheer amount of progress the devs have made on this game is incredible.
Every month they somehow find the time to push out hundreds of updates bringing their game ever closer to Early Access. And that’s one of the things I want to talk about today: their Early Access release.
I know you’ve all been waiting on the game and you’re finally going to be able to play it – sooner than you might think, if all goes according to plan.

Before I get into the details of the Early Access though, I want to address the improvements made over the game.

On the left you’ll see how the game looked back during the middle of 2019. And while the game didn’t look bad by any stretch of the imagination, you can tell that the game was definitely in a highly unfinished state.
This is why you have to be careful when looking at games during the early stages of development – they can change quite drastically over time. On the right however, you’ll see quite a vast improvement.
You’ll notice that not only do the characters move much more fluidly, but even the combat itself looks much faster, much more responsive and much more intuitive.

The character movement and combat aren’t the only things that had improvements made to them though.
The overall game itself has been overhauled with so many additions that it doesn’t even look like the same game – there’s so much more to it than I first thought.
During my earlier videos all I had access to was the basic, public PvE and PvP footage. Not nearly enough to get a full picture of what the game would be – the kind of game the devs wanted it to be.
After talking to the devs some more through Discord and obtaining some fantastic footage of the game, I believe I have a much clearer grasp of what the vision for the game is.

League of Maidens is built with multiplayer functionality in mind. That is what it is at its core: An online multiplayer RPG.
However, during the early Alpha stages the game won’t have a functional multiplayer, much like how MMOs are built and go through the process of development and continue adding features over the course of the development cycle such as guilds, player housing, and even PvP.
Despite the game not being multiplayer friendly initially, there will be plenty of multiplayer features available in-game, with more potentially being added over time as the game continues to move closer to fully launching.
So yes, this game will not be an MMORPG, and while it aims to be much closer to an MMO once it launches, currently, right this moment, co-operative play will still be limited.

Although speaking of it being an MMO, like most MMOs the game actually has a fully fleshed out class system. It features the Assassin, Healer, Sorceress, Tank and Warrior.
While I can’t get in-game currently due to not having direct access to the game, we do get to see some of the classes – or at least one of the classes in action while sitting through footage.
Each class has their own custom animations, gear, and will allow players to actively swap out skills, creating interesting hybrids to utilize.

If those updates didn’t whet your appetite then I don’t think anything I say henceforth will. But for everyone else still interested, let’s talk about the Early Access.
I was speaking to the Maiden Gaming team through Discord and they let me in on their current planned roadmap.
They recently compiled a new build implementing over 150 changes – some of them adding entire mechanics to the game.
The build after this is going to be targeting optimization and bug fixes – something anyone that has played a headstart or Early Access will no doubt know is one of the most important processes to run through prior to opening to the public.
Those are the two final stages left of development prior to Early Access, with new builds releasing every month.
What this means for us – for you – is that League of Maidens, if everything goes according to plan, will be in a fully playable state some time during July or August, at the latest.
Mid-July is what they’re targeting specifically, but setbacks happen, naturally, so it’s probably expecting a little too much to believe this will go over as smoothly as everyone would like. That’s why you give a rough estimate like this.

I’ve always been a fan of League of Maidens. I was one of their earlier vocal supporters – this game looks too good to be true and I cannot wait to see where it ultimately ends up.
It’s a superhero-themed online action RPG that we desperately need to launch as soon as possible – the market needs it.

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    Some Random Person Reply
    Oct 8, 2020 @ 19:03 pm

    Is this going to cost money?

  • author image
    Some Random Person Reply
    Oct 8, 2020 @ 19:04 pm

    Is this going to cost money? If so, how much?

  • author image
    Dani Reply
    Oct 12, 2020 @ 20:40 pm

    They said that the game will not cost money…

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