KurtzPel in 2020 is Worse Than Ever.

KurtzPel in 2020 is Worse Than Ever.

I hate to be the one to say it, but I know a lotta you guys are thinking it. So allow me to give your opinion form.. by stating that Mrs Stix and I played through KurtzPel for almost 4 hours on stream the other day and.. wow, this game had some serious potential to be something truly remarkable.
To shake up the Anime genre on Steam. But the game has continued to get progressively worse, if that’s possible.
See, back when I originally played the game, I’ll admit, I kinda had some fun in it. There was some depth to the game – you could unlock a variety of different Karma’s by playing through their unique story – yeah, back in the day there was a story to the game.
You would unlock new maps, new fights, new content to consume and it was all locked behind a unique story, and gave personality to various characters found throughout the game.

However, what the game is now? Is.. To call it a shell of its former self would be a compliment.
All you do now in KurtzPel is participate in one of a few different types of PvP maps. So you sit there, you queue up for one of a handful of game modes, and… then you wait. Queues took upwards of 15 minutes during peak time on a Sunday.
And don’t get me started on the actual fights that take place in-game.. I don’t think they could have been any more aids than what we’d experienced, with smurfing, stream sniping, and just.. running away from you the entire fight ’cause they’re low on HP.

Regardless, if the game was good the PvP would be an afterthought. People do more or less the same thing in other PvP games I guess so it isn’t like it’s specific to KurtzPel.
But when there is really nothing else to do other than PvP.. well, you’re presented with having to deal with this pretty much every fight.
Thankfully we could make custom lobbies, though, and we had the opportunity to play with plenty of you guys which really did improve how much fun we had overall.
So if anything – the game is a lot of fun when you play with friends in custom matches, but when you get down to playing competitively.. either you wait an hour to get maybe 2, 3 matches tops, or you give up and move on to another game. It’s that simple.
KurtzPel has changed so much since I played the game back during the first few months of its release, and the cash shop, from what I could tell is equally as bad as ever.

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    JBC Reply
    Sep 29, 2020 @ 5:14 am

    I kind of agree, i loved this game when it did release but now it’s kinda dead ^^
    All the people are waiting for Blue Protocol but in B.P there is no intention to put pvp for the moment and that’s what i fear about it even if it could be fun ^^
    Tower of Fantasy seems cool but yea to stay in the subject, Kurtzpel is sadly disappointing atm!

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