KurtzPel Fumbles With DLC Karmas – Releases Them As Free-to-Play

KurtzPel Fumbles With DLC Karmas - Releases Them As Free-to-Play

So for those of you unaware, KurtzPel is a recently released ARPG by KOG Games, the people behind Grand Chase, Elsword and HeroWarz.
The game has one of if not the best action combat system in an Anime game to date. It is also one of the most beautiful Anime titles on the market right now, especially one with MMO elements.
I did a video on it a couple months ago that garnered a half million views and plan on doing a new, updated look next week for people interested in playing it but its launch was not without issue.

See, the game utilizes a class system called “Karmas.” Karmas are weapon types that can be equipped that change the style of combat you use.
There’s a Greatsword Karma, a Longbow Karma, a Staff Karma, a Dual Sword Karma and a Gauntlet Karma.
One of the main issues with the game was that two Karmas, the Gauntlet and Staff Karmas that unlock the Blazing Fist and Diabloic Witch respectively were locked behind paid DLC. Paid DLC in a free-to-play game.
I’m sure you can imagine the outrage this spawned, the sheer loathing hatred and disgust this provoked from players.
Naturally, this caused quite the negative review-bombing of the game on Steam – and they had every right to do so. That was a terrible design choice by KOG.
But, KOG heard players’ complaints and made a statement: Both paid Karmas would be free to unlock after their next update later during the week, and they stuck to their promise.

As of May 7th, KOG released both DLC Karmas from their paid status allowing any and all players to unlock them in-game as they were initially supposed to be able to. As I was able to during the beta.
Each Karma is locked behind a mission-chain which requires you complete the missions associated with Jin and Marian.
For players that went ahead and purchased the DLC Karmas, well.. you’re screwed as far as being reimbursed, but, you will be compensated with a unique outfit nonetheless.
Which honestly unless you’re into outfits probably won’t do much to dissuade you from feeling betrayed but hey, at least it’s something.
The costumes will supposedly be available in June, when the game is set to launch in Europe.

I played KurtzPel during its closed beta. It was a lotta fun, was very pleasing to look at, had some amazing customization options and had a very addictive PvP system.
The game has a lot of potential and I’m personally excited to jump back in and record next week’s video.
However I almost chose not to in light of their pay-walling.
I hate when companies put things behind a pay-wall. I didn’t like when I saw what they did with the Karmas and almost turned down doing a video on it purely due to my difference of opinion with how they handled it.
However, after hearing how fast they dealt with the concerns of the playerbase my opinion of the game has improved.
I get that developers, publishers, people in general are capable of making mistakes. Of course they are, nobody is infallible. I don’t expect them to be.
Hearing that they took players’ concerns into consideration and acted on them so expeditiously is a good sign.

So if the paid DLC Karmas were turning you away from playing the game, then know they are now freely accessible to everyone publicly.
You can jump right in-game and get to unlocking all of the Karmas currently available.
I hope you guys are enjoying the game, or at the very least, can begin to now that the Karmas are unlocked.
I’ll have a video on KurtzPel up next week for you all to check out if you’d still rather hear what I have to say after playing it!

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