Kritika Online is Relaunching as KRITIKA: REBOOT

Kritika Online is Relaunching as KRITIKA: REBOOT

Unlike some people I was of the impression that Kritika was actually a very fun MMO. I played the Thai version of it.. or at least I think it was the Thai version of it before En Masse ever released the game globally.
I was absolutely gutted when I learned earlier this year that En Masse were actually shutting the game down – after a brief 2 year run only.
I know, Kritika is a hub-based MMO so it lacks the appeal of MMOs with more frequent, more diversified content such as Final Fantasy XIV or Guild Wars 2 but I felt like it was an abrupt closure.
It wasn’t as well-received or as popular as Soul Worker – probably its most direct competition, but it had a loyal playerbase nevertheless.

But all that is changing as ALLM, the South Korean developer of the MMO is actually planning on self-publishing the game over here.
That’s right, the game may have been shut down due to En Masse’s poor handling of the title but for fans of the game – and let’s be honest here, yes, there might not be that many, but that doesn’t mean we don’t exist – it looks like we’ll have the ability to carry on playing.
Kritika never shut down nor ceased development in South Korea, and with the developer self-publishing their own game that might mean we get faster, more up-to-date versions of the game concurrently with their South Korean releases.
But then again, I still have PTSD from the last time an MMO from South Korea decided to self-publish their game over here.. yup, although I’d hate to admit it, it feels a little reminiscent of Bless Online.
Now I’m not going to completely shut down the possibility that this could turn out to be a sincere re-launch of the game. I’ve just been shat on by so many companies recently that I can’t help but be pessimistic.

On October 22nd, ALLM made an announcement on the official Kritika Facebook page.


While details of exactly what we can expect are a little vague, we can safely gather that the game is going to be titled Kritika:REBOOT and is going to be doing away with the Stamina system and reworking rewards.
Removal of the stamina is a very good move as stamina in any MMO – Closers, Soul Worker, Kritika, is a terrible design flaw that I think should not exist in any capacity.
Limiting what you can do by anything other than your own time should never be how you prevent people from running content.
Kritika:REBOOT will be launching November 2019.. Well, relaunching.. kinda relaunching? The new version will be going live but as noted, not much has been revealed.
Whether or not they’ll opt to have players purchase Founder’s Packs to get Early Access or a Headstart, whether or not the game will be free-to-play.. right now there are too many unknowns to really guesstimate accurately.
So all we have to go off is that the game’s coming back, there’ll be some necessary changes made and hope that it isn’t a cash-grab like Bless was.
I feel like that’s realistically all we can hope for.

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    Darrel Pascual Reply
    Nov 6, 2019 @ 12:34 pm

    sir reset all again

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    Bodhy Reply
    May 5, 2022 @ 23:12 pm

    This game was shut down recently.

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