Knight Online – The Weirdest MMORPG I Have Ever Experienced!!

Knight Online, I place where are the heroic souls go, to be amongst there own kind.. or so I thought!
Instead it’s full of weird monsters growling, enslaving orphan children, that you first saved. NPCs with strangely shaped arms and APPLES!!.. so many god damn apples.

It wasn’t even a repeatable quest! It was a new quest each time.. that just required apples.

Knight Online isn’t a bad MMORPG, as there was quite a few people running around, new players and high leveled players. I was even invited to multiple parties, as I was on the same quests as them, so they seem friendly.. although they don’t talk. So yeah, Knight Online isn’t bad It was just a tad bit strange is all.

So all in all, I enjoyed my time.. would I go back? MAYBE!… depends on if I get an apple.

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    david trabucco says:
    gotta love posting a review but not even tell people WHERE and Who its from....
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    Kritika Online is now available Free to Play from EnMasse: