King’s Raid is a Great Quality RPG

King's Raid is a Great Quality RPG

Who here enjoys JRPGs? Like, actual JRPGs like Legend of Dragoon, Tales of Symphonia, Star Ocean or the Final Fantasy games? Most of you, right? Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be in the MMO genre.
So there’s this game out right now called King’s Raid. It came out a couple years ago, granted, but has been downloaded and played by millions, tens of millions of players all around the world.
I know, I know. “But Stix, it’s just another Mobile game”- Let me cut you off right there. Yes, King’s Raid is just another Mobile game, but it’s a damn good one that is deserving of some attention.
I’d actually recorded some of King’s Raid for MMOByte Mobile in the past and I honestly thought it was an incredible title for its platform.
Plus, it’s currently got a huge event going on: The 1,000 Days Anniversary event along with the new CRaider’s Program. But more on that later.

Now I’m aware that King’s Raid is actually South Korean – and most South Korean games are typically alike, but this time.. they actually offer something to the contrary.
This game has absolutely gorgeous, vibrant visuals. The world is bright, colorful and absolutely packed with life.
The story revolves around Kasel – a young knight that has your atypical main character “illusions of grandeur” personality.
And his friend. I often refer to her as boobs because… well. I mean the name should be self explanatory.

But if not, then.. here. Take a moment. Okay. You done? Cool.

So, if you’ve ever played a tactical RPG or a strategy game this’ll feel familiar to you.
You have an over-world, a world where there are missions, objectives, events and a linear line interconnected with all of the aforementioned features that allows you to select the kind of content you want to pursue.
You unlock additional content by continuing with the main story – which actually isn’t half bad.
There are a plethora of cutscenes in-game, varying from in-field scenes, dialog scenes, and.. an unusual hybrid of semi-dialog, partial action scenes.
Iunno. It’s hard to explain. You have to experience this for yourself to fully understand what I mean.
The combat plays out like so.. you have up to 4 party members. They engage in combat while your skills slowly cycle through cooldowns, allowing you to unleash hell onto your enemies.
You can have upwards of 80 characters, all of which are 100% obtainable. They each have their own personalities, their own skill-sets, their own unique weapons and armor.
This makes building your party a little difficult because of the variety of characters. I went with 3 girls, ’cause.. y’know. I always love building my harem full ‘o Waifu’s. I am an incredibly desirable young knight, after all.
Skills’ cooldowns vary in duration, some taking a few seconds, some taking significantly more.
But with 4 characters fighting, there’s always plenty to do. You have to take into consideration the fact that you need front-line heroes deployed lest your back-line get overrun.
But if you don’t have a healer.. like good ‘ol Boobs, then you’re screwed.

Now as of this moment King’s Raid has their 1,000 Days Anniversary event currently ongoing.
This is a huge event with a lot to do – and a lot to offer. There’ll be an entire weeks worth of login rewards, an awesome Festival Dungeon that will allow for the purchase of goodies from the Anniversary Festival Shop and more.
This is part of the reason I wanted to get this out now so you have the opportunity to join in while the opportunity presents itself.
Not just that, but King’s Raid and the team behind it currently have a special program running for content creators.
If you make Youtube videos or stream on Twitch – which I know a lotta you guys do, then you can apply to become a “CRaider,” making content for the game and receiving in-game goodies to boot!
That’s a pretty sick deal, especially if your content is typically mobile-oriented.

There’s a lot to this game. Like no joke, King’s Raid is quite a game.
No it’s not an MMORPG and yes it’s available exclusively on mobile devices, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a damn step above most other games in the genre.
I’m not too big a fan of mobile games – I feel like the majority recycle the same systems, features, mechanics and often even graphics but King’s Raid looks and feels much higher quality.
It’s gorgeous, its character models, its combat. They all fit so well.
We’re moving towards a time where mobile games are looking and playing almost as good as non-mobile games and I know that scares some people. But that’s okay, thankfully we have games like this to ease us in.
Just let it – and ‘ol Boobs here take you unto their bosom. Let them embrace you, hold you close. Or don’t, if it doesn’t look interesting to you! But how could you deny her?

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